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    A problem with an inability to install an HP catalog update, not enough space, led to my doctoring using the HP site doctor utility. I'd tried all other suggestions to resolve the issue and the doctor did the trick. Two unintended consequences tho that I'd like the Communities ideas on:

    1. NOT AN ISSUE AS I SEE THIS MATTER IN ANOTHER THREAD. Just Type now uses Google mobile where it had only ever used Google classic before. Is there a setting to change?

    2. With only 4 cards open I just got the Sorry, Too Many Cards, error. What gives with that?

    BTW, 32gb Touchpad running 3.0.5.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I believe the Google site itself has a setting to use desktop.

    And something is very wrong with only 4 cards open. Maybe Uberkernel can help? (I know it helps the Pre3 IIRC)
    But something is definitely not right. Did you try a reboot? could be a fluke

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