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    After reading the recent article about loading maps for off-line use in map pro, I loaded maps for part of Florida & south Georgia. Now I am having problems with some apps and my favorite app, AW Solittaire, would not load at all. Restart did not help. I then uninstalled the solittaire app and tried to reinstall it. The download failed and said I did not have enough storage space. Hooking up to the USB port on the PC and checking "properties" showed I had over 3gb of space available on my 16gb TP. So I uninstalled Map Pro and deleted all the maps to give myself over 7gb of available storage. Solittaire will still not download for lack of storage. Also I am still having problems with some other apps not displaying right or not loading. Any ideas on how I can correct this problem??? Thanks...
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    I had the same issue.
    Manually deleting the file /var/luna/data/downloadhistory.db and a device restart helped in my case.
    for more details.

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