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    I recently had to reflash my HP Touchpad ROM using webOS Doctor because the images in Photo Viewer became blurred after a file transfer. Once I completed webOS Doctor and set up my Touchpad again, the image resolution was restored.

    I went to transfer more image files on to the Touchpad from my PC again, and after Ejecting the Touchpad properly from USB Mode, the images are blurred again. I have had to use webOS Doctor 4-5 times now for the same issue, is there any other solution that can be applied to avoid the headache of having to use webOS Doctor every few weeks when I decide to upload more images to the Touchpad?

    I considered connecting to the PC and removing the USB without Ejecting properly in order to force the system to re-index the existing files?

    Can the Touchpad only upload a certain amount of data at a time? It seems that this error occurs whenever I add more than 4GB of data at a time, so what is the point of having 32GB of storage if the files become unviewable?

    Any suggestions or solutions would be greatly appreciated!
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    your media is residing on a fat32 partition i do believe which means the usual limitations.

    Wiki ...

    The maximum possible size for a file on a FAT32 volume is 4 GB minus 1 byte or 4,294,967,295 (232−1) bytes. This limit is a consequence of the file length entry in the directory table and would also affect huge FAT16 partitions with a sufficient sector size.[1] Video applications, large databases, and some other software easily exceed this limit.

    not the touchpads fault tbh IF your adding a file thats bigger than 4GB (shrink your videos tbh) if not then im not sure whats occuring.
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    Does this only apply to a single image or media file? I am loading image folders containing several thousand images that wouldn't exceed a few hundred kb each, no video storage at all. Thanks for the prompt reply, GP!
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    you should be fine, i also have several thousand images/wallpapers etc (not all in 1 folder granted, their split into order/subfolders to tidy things up a bit), the only issue with having that many is that the media indexer will attempt to add the entire collection to your Photo & Videos app, meaning a rather large delay on bootup and likely a bit of the same when actually running the app as it will have a lot to wade through.

    The app i use for changing wallpaper lets me use whatever folder i want for my images so i use a hidden from webos folder so their not indexed.

    if you want the system to have access for the Photo & Video app specifically then leave as is, however if the images are for another app or an app that has an option/pointer to the files, then id put them in a folder with a preceeding period to hide the files from webos's indexer and see if that helps.

    so if you have


    rename the folder to


    and change any app to use that new folder name IF possible, it may help, it may be of zero use but hey its something to try, and beats a doctor visit every so often.

    IF you have android and dual booted you'll also find the indexer picks up all images from android apps as well.
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    I think that is the issue entirely, the Photo & Videos App.

    I only have stock software installed currently, is there another photo viewing app that you would recommend that can be downloaded through the HP App Store? I am almost certain that this is an indexing issue due to the large number of files, because I can access the files through USB Mode on my PC, and the resolution and file integrity is fine.

    If I rename the folder with a period preceding, will it become invisible without downloading additional apps?

    I also have an issue occurring where files that are named or numbered sequentially in the root folder are becoming scrambled in the Photo & Videos App. I thought this might be attributed to non-photo files that appeared within the same folder by mistake, but removal of these items did not correct the issue. I also removed any filenames that were slightly off-sequence (zz-123 following ABC-001 and ABC-002) but that did not resolve the issue either?

    One fix I did determine was that having the hash sign / pound sign in any filename corrupted the entire folder and all images within the folder unviewable in the Photo & Videos App.
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    yes you can hide from webos, you just need a terminal app to rename with or use internalz from preware, it lets you longpress the folder and change permissions, it even has a hide from webos button which adds the period for you.

    other apps to view with im not sure of, there may be some, personally i just played safe and made sure the indexer never sees anything i dont want it too.

    filenames as force of habbit i never use special non aplhabetic/numeric characters, its just been ingraved in me since my speccy 8k/c64 years, i dont even use spaces, i use dashes instead, keep them simple and you will be fine. no hashes, <>, quotation marks etc etc.

    im not sure if the photo app cares about an ascending filtered list, i think it just adds them as their seen on the filesystem, again maybe a 3rd party viewer app could remedy that, ittl just take some hunting thru the hp app catalogue or preware.
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    I will definitely try installing Internalz since I see it referenced so often on here.

    Is there any way to force the indexer to refresh in Photo & Videos App?
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    I think what you probably want to do is let it sit for a while after sending in a bunch of photos, while it reindexes things. I haven't dumped a crapton of photos to my touchpad to test this theory, but it does stand to reason that the databases involved take some time to update.

    I could be completely wrong though, not having any idea how the photos app works really. There is a patch somewhere for the phones that forces it to load the full res version of each picture instead of starting with the low res version, not sure if that also applies to touchpad or not.
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