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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    There is a rumor floating around that WebOS Internals may have some well-used second-hand Unicorn development hardware that they might be putting up for member with the largest donation total (multiple donations OK). We'll have more details and confirmation to follow at a later time. But for now... keep it under your hat! Sshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I think we might have found 1 unicorn (a real go-er, well-used with a slight audio issue) and perhaps 4 french stallions (3rd generation pedigree).

    At the moment, the unicorn would go to Mudshark22 ($500 donation) and the stallions would go to the next 4 highest donations (currently all over $150). But that could easily change in the next 56 hours ...

    Note that to be eligible you need to post your donation amount in this thread.

    -- Rod
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    WebOS Internals and Preware Founder and Developer
    You may wish to donate by Paypal to donations @ if you find our work useful.
    All donations go back into development.
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    Just $10, but i'm a student

    Love WebOS & WeOS Internalz
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    donated $100. make it worth.
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    Just sent $60
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    Donated $30.
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    Just donated 10 $. Keep up the good work guys.
    Confirmation number: 7LY70972U39252400.
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    Donated 30$
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    Have my CHF 100 = 104.257 USD. Keep up your fantastic work, Rod, and all others involved in the community.
    Confirmation number: 9D335332BD0434910

    1 PRE, 1 PRE+, 2xPRE3, 1TP32MB, 1TP3G unlocked
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    donated $75. keep up the fabulous work!!!
    Touchpad 4G, Pre3
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    Donated 30$.
    Thanks for excellent work
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    I just tried to make a donation and got the following error message:

    "Sorry, an error occurred after you clicked the last link"

    Anybody else get this error?

    Will try again later.
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    I won't pony up $36 for replacement motherboard for an OEM that I do my CAD stuff on at home, but $100 for webOS you know it!

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    Greetings from Holland! I'm one of the 32 (I think) WEBOS users (former TREO650 user) in The Netherlands (with UK activation). WEBOS hardware was never officially released in my country. I use a Pre3 and a Touchpad. Everybody says I'm crazy, but I don't give up... I keep on hoping for a better future. I've donated $30.
    Keep up the good work!
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post

    It's time again!

    Click to view quoted image
    Click to view quoted image


    WEB-A-THON 'o Love - 2012

    Click to view quoted image

    Time Left to show your support:

    I believe we all agree: It's been a bumpy ride! But through it all, there has been one group that has kept hope alive for lovers of webOS. One group that has kept us believing in the future (however fuzzy) of this great platform. One group that has donated their time, hearts, and passion to give to this community. Of course, that dedicated group is the one and only - WebOS Internals.

    WebOS Internals has done so much to make our TouchPads and phones fast and functional. They are the geniuses behind Preware, Uberkernel, Tweaks and many of our favorite homebrew projects. Not everyone realizes that they do this on their own time, along with day jobs and family. Not only donating their time, but they have built an architecture with Preware that is secure and scalable enough to host/deliver stuff created by the rest of the homebrewers and theme builders.

    Now with the upcoming release of Open webOS and webOS CE, combined with development costs, hosting those servers and buying phones and tablets dedicated to development isn’t cheap. They truly need and appreciate the support and donations of the users who benefit from their amazing efforts.

    You often see posts asking:“Will Open webOS ever work with current phones or the TouchPad?”, or “How do I install <insert app or kernal name here>?”, or “How long will we have to wait to be able to get webOS on other devices??”. YOU can make a big difference in the answers! The WebOS Internals team needs to buy hardware for this effort.

    The sooner they have resources, the faster they can bring all of the wonderful webOS-Internals magic to the current HP hardware, and move forward on developing for future hardware for everyone to enjoy!

    WebOS Nation’s members have launched a “telethon (webathon)” for the next few weeks to raise the estimated $10,000 needed to purchase necessary hardware for development and to continue to support the needed infrastructure. NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL. We need a bunch of $5 and $10 donations - and we need some benefactors to kick in bigger chunks. And please don’t think that even $1.00 donations aren’t appreciated or don’t add up fast!

    Many members keep asking how they can obtain or keep a coveted HB Supporter badge. Here’s how

    1. Please donate through the PayPal link below
    2. Please post your donation in this thread if you don't mind. It's the only way we can count it in the running total.
    3. Any members donating over $30 total will receive the HB Supporter badge!

    [INFO]NOTE: ALL supporter badges will be given out after the event ends. It will take us some time to get them in place - so please be patient.

    Supporter Badges:
    Donations over $30 = Click to view quoted image

    Donations over $75 = Click to view quoted image

    (I will be keeping a running total, and a running list of donors in the second post for all to view..)
    This webOS community is legendary for how we come together to support webOS. Think of the “votes” we always win. Or the way members jump in to help each other with technical questions. Last time we had a “webathon” we raised OVER $16,000 for these guys! The support from webOS Nation's members has been amazing - lets show them again just how much we appreciate their efforts!!

    A note to our members from Rod Whitby, WebOS-Internals:

    So, with Open webOS just around the corner, and our hopes and dreams certainly NOT resting on HP... we put out the call to the incredible members of webOS Nation to once again step up and show WebOS Internals how much we not only appreciate all they have done for us in the past, but how excited we are to see what they can accomplish for us in the future!

    OK... OK... I hear you yelling "Shut up and tell us how to donate already!!"

    No WAIT! Put that checkbook away there's MORE!

    There is a rumor floating around that WebOS Internals may have some well-used second-hand Unicorn development hardware that they might be putting up for member with the largest donation total (multiple donations OK). We'll have more details and confirmation to follow at a later time. But for now... keep it under your hat! Sshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Let's show them how much we love 'em!!

    (with PayPal)
    Just donated $50 from Sweden!
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    Just donated 10$
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    sonicboon......... $76.00
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    $50 from Russia!
    webOS is the best!
    Just can't let it slip away...
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    donated ... hmm forgot the amount ..., it's not important ;-)

    But anyway thanks a lot for all the great work enhancing webOS :-)
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