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    Donated $40. Thanks again for all your hard work.
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    Donated $30. Thanks guys!

    Get OpenWebOS running on the Sprint LG Viper, and I'll throw in an extra $200. I so badly want a webOS touchscreen only phone with a 3.7-4 screen on Sprint. Please make it happen!
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    Donated $20.

    I've since switched to Android on tablet and phone, but I still appreciate the hard work of the WebOS-Internals crew. There isn't a community quite like this anywhere else!

    Thank you.
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    I donated $80. I love all the work they do, and everyone else in the community as well.

    Can't wait to see what devices Open webOS will work on!
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    Since the web-a-thon is getting close to the end, I'll throw some more money $45. (Add to prior $31 =Total $76.)
    webos-internals deserves our help!
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    Almost late... But in time: donated 20$.
    Don't look for solution - look for EXIT!
    My Palm Pre 2 and TouchPad 32GB are waiting for useful updates and enhancements
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    $25 in.
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    $10 in
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    Only 3 days left! Spread the word!

    Current Totals: $5,688.93
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    $50 donated. Keep up the good work!
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    Donated 35

    Thanks for everything... Hopefully more than just memories

    Look forward to seeing what good work you folks bring.

    Best of luck.
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    Thanks for hard work
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    Chipped in $30. 1RT28010E8593553S
    Thanks for all the great stuff over the years.
    Keep up the awesomeness!
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    Great stuff. First time to donate. $31. So many cool stuff comes from here. You guys rock. BTW, GO PACK!

    Packer Shareholder.
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    webOSinternals, Thanks and keep it up! $100
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    Donated $30 to webOS Internals tonight. Thanks for all of your continuing support and innovation!
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    $100 for the best community, best mobile os and best community development team there is...
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    I always wanted a webOS device since they came out but never had one until I got my TouchPad. I love it and still evangelize it to whoever will listen. I am a HP Area Sales Rep and I was very sad about the decisions made last year. I will support with what little I can.

    Put me down for $5.00 sent from my TouchPad.
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    I donated USD 30,- a day before the WEB-A-THON o' Love started (11th of August, Transaction ID #061549627V9418734) and now another USD 75,- (2BX74287RX593393B)
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    Donated $30 from my Pre3.
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