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    Today is the last payday Friday for this web-a-thon. Thanks to everyone who has or will donate.
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    $20 donated
    Long Time Palm and Sprint User!

    IIIxe, Tungsten T3, Samsung SPH-i500, Treo 700p, 755p, Centro, Palm Pre, Palm Pre+, 2.2.4 Franken Pre2 and a Touchpad!
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    $30 donated (0356932150429190E) - had to wait until payday heh. Thanks to all you guys for all your hard work, truly one of the best communities I've been part of :-)

    Posted this from my Touchpad - just been gifted a new Pre3 by my girlfriend after a dropped my original and smashed the screen. Got a pre2 as a backup and been messing about with 2.2.4 on my pre plus.
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    30$ from northern Germany. Keep up the goot work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    And we are Officially off!! Let's have some fun and see what we can do!
    Donated 5$

    I used to have so much fun with my original palm pre, after the 'fall' of webOS I switched to Windows Phone, but I miss the incredible webOS, so I am going to buy a pre 3 right away
    Thank you so much guys for keeping webOS alive!
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    Here's $10 more to throw into the pot ( 1L337552KS0275419 ). I'm still rocking out my FrankenPre2 and TouchPad, but I probably wouldn't be without you guys around. Thanks for all the hard work.
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    Thank you for everything you do!!
    I wish I could give more right now, you guys deserve a million!

    Donated $155.

    Long Live Palm
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    Sorry for the delay. I just made two donations, $10 and $75.

    Total: $85

    I'll try to send more later. Sorry it's been a while.
    32Gb LG G2 - 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
    32Gb TouchPad webOS 3.0.5 / Cyanogenmod 10.1 (4.2.2) Dual Boot @ 1.8Ghz

    16Gb Pre3 webOS 2.2.4 @ 1.9Ghz - Mine
    32Gb TouchPad webOS 3.0.5 @ 1.8Ghz - LunaCE 4.9.5 - Also Mine
    16Gb Pre3 webOS 2.2.4 @ 1.9Ghz - Wife's (replaced with GS3)
    32Gb TouchPad webOS 3.0.5 @ 1.8Ghz - Also Wife's

    Past: 2 Sprint Pre(minuses), a Sprintified Pre+, and a Sprintified Pre2.
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    Donated $30.
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    Current Totals: $8,391.11
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    Donated $15
    Paypal: 2U653636R16984016
    ...and a HUGE thanks for the fantastic work you do to WebOS.

    Martin :-)
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    Donated $31.50
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    +$8.89 (to make it round)
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    I know it's not much, but just donated $10
    m100, m125, T/X, 755p, Pixi, FrankenPixi+, Pre, FrankenPre2, TP#1 32GB (WebOS-LunaCE, LunOS & CM11), TP#2 (JCS CM11 only), Nexus 4, ????
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post

    Current Totals: $8,391.11

    That'll get u a few test phones hopefully.

    -- Sent from my TouchPad using Communities
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    Ok a little corny I know (part of an old joke I heard).
    Donated $30
    I've got too many of these apps on my webOS devices not to give something to the cause.
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    Another $20.00 brings it up to $40.00
    Thanks for everything
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    There's 30 for ya, guys! Can't wait to see where this all takes us!
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    $50 (58S45840JL1735103) in the pot. Someone ring the bell!
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    donated $30
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