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    In addition to several patches on webOS, I also have CM9 installed on my Touchpad.

    I placed a service ticket with HP this week in order to have my cracked case replace while the device is still under warrantysince it is getting to the point where the cracks are beyond an annoying nuisance. Do I need to restore the device to factory condition (i.e. remove Android , patches and then doctor) before sending it for service or can I send it as-is?

    And, yes, I do plan to backup my data beforehand.

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    I just sent mine in. It was replaced with a refurb under warranty. Mine also had patches and CM9 on it. They didn't say anything about it. In my case, the device would not boot and the partitions were all messed up, so it may not have been obvious that it had patches and CM.

    I had tried to doctor it but it failed at 12%. I tried to manually rebuild the partions. From novaterm, I could see that there were still CM related partiions on the device. I actually tried removing those before sending it in, but none of the lvm command seemed to have any effect.
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    I just got mine back about 2 weeks ago and I didnt have to wipe it. I left all my patches and preware apps on there. I did noticed that when i turned it on it seemed they cleared everything off and did a factory reset but i just reloaded my profile and reinstalled preware and was back in business...i did noticed that my angry bird app wouldnt reload but other than that, it was an easy simple process (angry birds rio came back though)
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    I removed uninstalled CM9, then ran webOS doctor, then did a secure full erase. Beyond overkill, I know, but with less than 2 weeks left on my warranty I didn't want to give them any reason to deny my claim.

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