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    Hi guys,

    I just want to first say thanks to the entire webOS Nation community as I've learned a great deal from this forum, as well downloading great homebrew apps. My concern is with my onscreen keyboard. I've had this problem for quite some time, but it's been bothering me so much lately that I've decided to post on this forum.

    Certain keys like "O" and "backspace" do not always work. I press "O" 3 times, and it will only come out 1 time. The second problem is if I hold down backspace to delete a huge block of text, it will "pop back up" as if I let my finger off the key but I haven't. I've tried going into the diagnostic setting to check if the touch sensitivity is running smoothly, and I got all green blocks for the test.

    I don't have a camera with me at the moment, but I can post one if what I've said is unclear.
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    I think there's some problem with the touch panel itself, the driver, or the input processing. Sometimes when holding down Shift I can't press other keys (most often 'c'). I'd usually just let off and wait a couple of seconds before trying again. Or jam on the key hard a few times. Make sure you only have one finger on the screen at a time.
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    Thanks GMMan. I currently have an invisible shield screen protector, but the problem occurred weeks after applying the screen protector.

    If what you said is true, which I also assumed myself, it's sad to see a decent tablet be crippled with a problem like this. It's become such an annoyance that I'm thinking of selling my touchpad.
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    Under webos I also had constant and consistent problems with the touch sensitivity of the onscreen keyboard. It was severly worse with a screen protector on. It's been a while but my recollection was 'o', 'n', and 'c' were the worst ('n' by far!). Since switching to android 4 (CM9) I no longer have any of those issues regardless of which onscreen keyboard I use. I have also found that I no longer use webos - haven't booted into it since installing cm9. I don't need the camera so cm9 suites me just fine.

    If you're seriously considering selling then consider trying cm9 prior. If you don't like it then sell it with cm9 installed and someone will thank you for it

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