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    Hi, I have 2 HP Touchpads, although ones screen just broke last week so I will soon try to fix it. In the meantime, the other one sits in its own dock and as long as it is in the dock it stays on. I bought this one from someone else and it was set up so as a clock would run when in this dock, rather than just a black screen, but I wonder IF leaving it on like this wears it out faster, as opposed to turning it off and on all the time?

    I imagine that everyone has an opinion as to whether it does or not, which i am interested in hearing but I really wonder if there have been any proven studies of some sort that have managed to find out once and for all if leaving them on all the time as I have described either wears them out, or not? I would think the constant on and off of various switches might wear them out faster? Or not?
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    had mine since last jun/jul, never gets turned off, just sits on the touchstone, my battery is fine, doesnt drain like mad, last quite a long time, wifi set to sleep ofc, no major issues here so far.
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    I believe the power draw from charger is about the same as it would be if you were running off the battery. Though for battery life, you'd do good if you use up 80% of the battery every once in a while to keep it refreshed. Keep the screen off if you're not using it, as that will prevent burn-ins. (My dad's HTC Legend has a pretty nasty burn-in because he would forget to turn the screen off when it's on the charger, as the screen is set to remain on when on AC. Now the screen is off-white and a bit dimmer except where the clock pixels remained the same in the corner.)

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