integcheck is a useful script that compares the MD5 checksum of your rootfs against either the checksums from IPKG or /md5sums.gz. Think of it as the Windows equivalent of "sfc /checknow" for your webOS device. If you've got some real problems with corrupted files, integcheck will allow you to figure out which files are corrupt and need to be restored.

Usage is easy. Log in to your webOS device's command line (using ssh, PuTTY, WOSQI, etc.), and type the following:
/usr/sbin/integcheck ipkg
and after a while you will get a list of all changed and added files to your rootfs (and most likely a failure status).

A sample output: Sample integcheck output -

From the top quite a few framework_config.json have been modified (probably by the system or OTA update), and a lot of the kernel modules failing (I have WarthogKernel installed), and a bunch of files added. This output is representative of when you install patches and other homebrew apps. If you're really having problems with your webOS device, what you want to look for is failed files from /bin and /usr, where the files don't have extensions. Those are typically executables, and them being corrupt could cause trouble. Also look out for files containing .so, as those are shared libraries and their corruption could also bring problems.