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    When I last left off, I was cheering the French method of installing Novacom. So, I decided to set up the Web OS Quick Installer, which I hadn't done, to install the Preware Homebrew software on my TP. OK. So, I have Novacom on my computer, I can find it. It is there. However the WebOS Quick Installer fails because it can't find the Novacom. and fails -- again! -- on trying to install it.

    I threw in the towel and uninstalled everything.

    I went to another computer and downloaded VirtualBox 4.1.18, downloaded the 3.0.5 SDK for 32-bit computers, set up a VirtualBox drive. Tried again with WebOS Quick Install. Failed again. This time I couldn't find Novacom anywhere on that computer.

    Very frustrated.
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    Check this post for links: HP recently changed their CDN hosting, so all the old addresses have changed.
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    I was able to get Novacom and install Preware. Thanks and Hooray!!!

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