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    Is there any combined wifi 3G router + Bluetooth GPS unit?
    Right not I am using my Pre3 with Freetheter and PreGo to give GPS and wifi to my touchpad.

    Nevertheless, a) It is getting tiresome having to reset the Pre3 between uses and b) The Pre3 gets hot frequently (+50C) specially if I attach the charge cable.

    I want to spare the heat cycling on the Pre3, specially for the battery.

    Is there such a unit combining these two functions? I have been googling and have not found it yet.

    On the other hand, how good is the Globalsat BT368i vs the TomTom Mk II from a Touchpad point of view?

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    I have the Globalsat BT368 and it works great with my TP in both MapToolPro webos and the builtin Google Nav app/gmaps in CM9. Battery life is great - the thing doesn't die.

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