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    My HP touchpad shows up on my computer as "Removable Disc J:." The problem is when I click on it, I cannot open the files, it says I have to "Format Disc" and if I hit cancel, it says that the files cannot be accessed. I noticed that it shows up as that before I put it into USB mode though, and after I do it still says the same thing either way. Just a possible thing.
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    If anyone happens to have this problem, the solution I found was to go to the device info and hit "reset options" and then do the full reset or whatever. NOT the Secure full reset. It's a waste of your time. I then managed it overtime as I put it into USB mode and it showed up as HP Touchpad Thanks for the other posters of WebOs! Fantastic Help. Hope this helps someones tablet problems.
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    Hmm... If you had shell access you could have tried fs-ck (remove dash) and see what it said. I'd always try to fix the problem before nuking it.
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    Might also be the windows drive for the fs didn't load, maybetry as simple a fix as a different USB port so windows has to try loading the driver again

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    As said above, sometimes I have to unplug and plug back in a few times to get windows to properly recognize... I switch between ports when doing this.
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