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    Quote Originally Posted by PalmPixi_User23 View Post
    Its sad to hear to what has happened to your TouchPad, it appears that it had a quite nice life under your care. However, due to its plastic casing and poor built quality it was destined for sometime to cause failures and have a short durability. While, I have over-clocked mine to the 1.5 ghz speed never crossed my mind to install android on it. Despite my TouchPad sitting on my nightstand, it had developed a hairline crack that I quickly fix with a small drop of crazy glue.

    While I'm happy to see that you have found a nice tablet that I'm sure you will enjoy, I don't get on the buying a iPad 3rd gen except for the retina display/apps. I have seen Android Tablets that are a bit more user-friendly than the iPad, and the Asus Tablets with the Dock Stations that acts as a keyboard(while transforming it into a netbook) are a great choice than the Apple's offerings.

    However, if that is your choice it shall be respected....enjoy your new iPad tablet. Try, don't to forget the WebOS operating system specially its multitasking abilities which I think that you will find Apple's iOS frustrating and cumbersome to use.
    I do not understand why people think iOS multitasking is limited, in fact, I argue that it is better than Android.

    After webOS died, I switch to Android, I bought an Android phone and an Android tablet, the Asusu transformer.

    I come to realize that multitasking in Android is a joke and got very frustrated. My wife's Pre broke and she got an iPhone 4, once I played with the thing I was very impressed, multitasking on iOS is much better than Android. I ended up selling my Android phone and giving my Android tablet to my 4 year old and went ahead and bought an iPhone 4s and iPad 2.

    The experience between Android and iOS is like comparing a BMW to a Kia, no doubt about it.

    I will give you an example of multitasking, at work we use LogMeIn to control all our servers and workstations, about 120 of them. In Android, if you are using LogmeIn to connect to a device and you needed to switch to another app, when you come back to LogMeIn the connection is lost and you need to reconnect, that is not multitasking to me. On the other hand, in iOS, you come back and the connection is still there and you can resume what you are doing, this is multitasking.

    Anyways, wish webOS was alive though!
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    I think why people say iOS multitasking is not so great is because of all the flipping around. There's only the double-tap menu, instead of a visual view like on webOS. You can't stack apps together because that wouldn't make any sense. Plus apps are not going to be running the entire time after you go to some other app and doesn't come back to the old one in a while. I'm not sure how long apps are left open for, but in webOS you have absolute control over when an app is open and when it's not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by htabbach View Post
    I do not understand why people think iOS multitasking is limited, in fact, I argue that it is better than Android.
    That argument would generally be incorrect, if we define multitasking as "the app continues running in the background". NOTHING runs in the background on iOS except for VoIP apps and geolocation apps, that use the official VoIP and geolocation APIs. That's why you see a lot of people recently updating apps to use the Geolocation APIs to gain some semblence of background operation.

    On Android, there are methods with which to trigger some background operations, but for the most part, foreground applications still can't really multitask, although they can have some background operations triggered on time delays, or other events.

    webOS and PlayBook are the only mobile systems that offer complete true multitasking. They also suffer performance and battery penalties thanks to it. And the PlayBook stops all that when the display shuts off.
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    Who cares if the app keeps running in the background? The lag time in WebOS uses more time than switching apps in iOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tbo33 View Post
    I prefer the way multitasking is handled on the iPad compared to the touchpad. I don't have to juggle through cards to keep my place in an app. If I get that too many cards error and then forced to close I will lose where I left off. If using an im app i need to keep the card open to receive messages. I can play an ipad game after a month and still open it to exactly where I left off without killing the battery. That makes more sense on a mobile device than cards. What's the point of keeping an app running if not using it when it comes to a mobile device? The apps that I need to continue running actually do.
    My messages arrive as notifications, and only if I want to respond to them I have to open the messaging app. Regarding the game, I would assume that it saves progress automatically when you close it, because I don't think any system would keep memory for a month. And with too many cards, I believe that data is automatically saved. Not sure when it's saved, but if it has to close it would close normally and save. Unless Luna decides to just kill the app, which I don't think it has ever done.

    The point of keeping apps open is for easy access. Plus webOS apps still update their screens when in the background, so you can quickly peek at it and then continue what you were doing. You won't keep cards open anyway that you don't plan on using.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rnld View Post
    Who cares if the app keeps running in the background? The lag time in WebOS uses more time than switching apps in iOS.
    You'd like to browse a web page, go do something else for a moment, and then come back to the browser only to find it needs to reload? That's what you tend to get on Android, and I think iOS only keep the most recent 4-8 apps in memory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tbo33 View Post
    The touchpad does the exact same thing. I can restart the iPad then open safari which will then load the last pages I had open. Webos should be able to do that.
    Though probably less often than Android. And webOS does not reload the entire app, just the page if it needs to be rerendered. Because webOS is card based, and not under-one-house based, throwing away a card means closing it. Someone can probably make a patch that adds a button to that end, though.
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    The other day I was using my Wife's first gen iPod touch with iOS 3, opened a solitaire game I hadn't used in months and the game was right were it was the last time.

    The same thing happens on WebOS but it takes twice as long to load, it's only landscape and looks like 1984 graphics.
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    Got mine at firesale. My battery is lasting more than ever.Use it a few hours in the evening and charge it about every 4 days. I sign on here once a week, and look over the new apps. I always get excited over one or two. I'm planning on getting the webOS App Builder Lite and enjoying that for awhile.
    Campfire --I have to try that because you can play it with other Palm/HP owners.Apps are trickling in, and right around the corner there might be that app I fall in love with.
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    I have a renewed love for my touchpad and now using it with webOS. It was I. Android for the longest time. I've had this touchpad since release. I retired my pre3 tho and switched to the s3. But with the s3 being able to get calls and sms on my touchpad, its likes perfect upgrade for me.

    love this touchpad!

    (my household has the new iPad, an iphone 4S too, I still prefer the webOS flow of things compared to android and iOS, but I guess different strokes for different folks)
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    Quote Originally Posted by carldc View Post
    Whoa, you're right! I can't find it in the app cat, Preware, or Uber App Cat. It WAS there. I don't know what to tell you. If you find a similar app (especially one that can calibrate a TP and/or Pre 3), please ,et me know!
    It's still in preware AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK.... $I$ $would$ $have$ $to$ $fire$ $up$ $one$ $of$ $my$ $wiped$ $devices$ $at$ $home$ $to$ $double$ $check$, $or$ $delete$ $it$ $from$ $my$ $Pre3$ $or$ $TP$.

    There is no calibration on the newer devices due to the chip being different (or something along those lines). Somline has been more specific than I can be in some threads around here, you can search for posts from him to find more info.
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