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    Hey all,

    I'm sending my TouchPad back for repair due to charging issues (changing chargers didn't help). However, should I wipe Android off before I send it back? By that, I mean is it "illegal" / warranty voiding to have Android on your TP.

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    I'd uninstall Android and then Doctor the device. If you have any personal stuff (pics, docs, etc...) I'd run a secure erase first thing after uninstalling Android.
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    Secure erase?

    Is there a way of saving a backup of my WebOS stuff? (like nandroid?)
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    Based on my experience, you don't have to uninstall android. Just reinstall moboot when you get it back. Far as I can tell, they make sure the device is charged/charging, then basically Dr it, as long as it appears to work, it gets shipped back to you. Same process that is used when you send a phone in for repair.

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    If you have purchased apps which are not available in the App Catalog anymore I won't recommend you to doctor your device. As far as I can remember these apps will be lost.
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