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    So my 16gb TP, stock, died charging on the Touchstone about a week ago. Just woke up to a black screen.

    I really don't want to lose any of the info on it, so I've did most button combos except power+home held together

    The real kicker though is that I'm pretty sure the MicroUSB port on the touchpad itself is twerked up in some way. Since I've been using the Touchstone to charge it, I've had no reason to ever use the microusb port to charge it, except for about a month or two ago when I decided to charge it using the wire for some reason, it wouldn't get a good connection. I'd wiggle the cord around, and a brief pop of "charging" with the lightning bolt until it quickly disappears, as it was just some weird position of the charging cord.

    So now that my TP is dead, I'm attempting the slow trickle charge method. I've done the 15 button thing already, and attempted using my old pre 1000a charger to get it going, but no warmth at all on the back of the touchpad after an hour (yes I'm a little impatient)

    connected to a computer through USB right now, but for all the computer knows both USB slots are open, as it isn't picking anything up.

    So I can search through all the other threads on how to fix this, but is there any way to fix what I believe to be a messed up microUSB port on the Touchpad itself? Because I can't find that golden position that will keep it charging.
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    I apologize for the double post, but what if I plug the Touchstone into the stock Palm Pre charger, as I mentioned above its only 1.0a as opposed to the 2.0, because of the whole slow trickle dead battery thingy
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    There' s a good chance your microUSB cable has just died. I had the same problem where it wouldn't charge unless I shifted it to a certain position and held it there. I swapped it with my spare cable and it charged fine. Try using a different microUSB and the wall charger that came with the TouchPad. Worked for me, but YMMV. Good luck!
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    The TouchPad Touchstone won't work with the wimpier Pre charger. It needs more juice to get the resonant juices flowing.
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