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    I know nothing about the open webos project except I know there is one. And I read on the main page that there are some new tweaks added to the open webos, like tabbed card stacks, infinite card view. Has that anything to do with touchpad? Can we use it in the near future?
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    Search webOS Internals for "testing feeds"
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    The source code for webOS is being released on a road map that does not end until September. While there are people tweaking the code with the bits and pieces that have been released, there is still much work to be done. Yes, you can build your own version, and have things like tabbed cards, but this is at the expense of broken PDK apps, meaning they will not work. I advise waiting a few more months for those that are working on it to iron out the problems they are running into. If you want more information, try checking Twitter out and follow @webosports, and/or search for #woce.
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    Thanks. So when those patches are stable, they will be submitted to preware for downloading and testing. Will wait for that.

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    In the coming weeks haha
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    It is possible with the Tweaks 3.0 alpha:

    and as far as I understand PDK apps are now fixed upstream.

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