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    I recently ran into the issue that so many others have experienced. My touchpad would not boot up, it would not charge (apparently) and after trying so many of the suggestions out there on how to power the touchpad up, I sent it in for repair today. Here is my experience:


    Touchpad would not boot up. Appears "dead."


    1. Had touchpad plugged in using charger and cord that came with unit, for well over 1 week.
    2. Turned pronged connection of wall unit on charger, then turned back to ensure seated.
    3. Power cord is verified operational by charging other devices.
    4. Used a different (verified working with other devices) micro USB charger plugged into wall.
    5. Tried both original power cord and different power cord plugged into PC.
    6. Tried pressing power and home button at the same time, holding for well over 60 seconds.
    7. Pressed power and then home button. Home button and then power button.
    8. Pressed power and home buttons 15x, done individually as well as at the same time.

    All of the above have failed to either charge (apparently, cant' verify w/o being able to turn on) the unit or allow it to be turned on.


    A. Determine if my Touchpad is still under warrenty with the HP Warrenty check site:
    Note: It appears that Phone set up support for the Touchpad is 90 days from purchase, and the manufacturer warranty is good for 1 year.

    B. Submitted a warranty case via HP Support Center Home ( and found out that the division that received my warranty support request via that URL, does *NOT* handle Touchpad support. They directed me to the site listed next (for Live Chat Support).

    C. When to Palm Support : Contact us for support via Live Chat and started a Live Chat session (which is apparently available 24x7 in the U.S. as of this writing). What follows is my conversation with the support person (minus my details) *after* I had filled in their web form (limit 255 characters for the issue description):

    8:43 PM Connecting...
    8:43 PM Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly.
    8:44 PM Support session established with Christopher.
    8:44 PM Christopher:
    Hello [snip].
    8:44 PM Christopher:
    Thank you for contacting HP webOS Customer Support.
    8:44 PM Christopher:

    Please give me a moment to review the info you provided.
    8:44 PM [Me]:
    Hi Christopher
    8:44 PM [Me]:
    8:45 PM [Me]:
    In addition (ran out of room on initial form) I've also tried pressing the power and home buttons 15x, done individually as well as at the same time.
    8:46 PM Christopher:
    Thank you.
    8:46 PM Christopher:
    I appreciate your efforts.
    8:46 PM Christopher:
    When did this issue start?
    8:46 PM [Me]:
    approximately 3 weeks ago.
    8:47 PM Christopher:
    Just to confirm, have you installed any third party or home brew apps on the device prior to the issue?
    8:47 PM Christopher:
    Like installing other operating system on the TouchPad from PC?
    8:47 PM [Me]:
    none, correct.
    8:47 PM [Me]:
    Only apps from the WebOS app store (and not many at that).
    8:48 PM Christopher:
    8:48 PM Christopher:
    When you are charging the device, do you see any notification or symbol on the device screen?
    8:49 PM [Me]:
    nothing. nothing on the screen, and no other light or indicator anywhere.
    8:49 PM Christopher:
    It seems that the device is facing hardware issue and it needs repair.
    8:49 PM Christopher:
    May I know the serial number of the device?
    8:49 PM [Me]:
    [found via my purchase history when I ordered it]
    8:50 PM Christopher:
    I will explain you with the repair option.
    8:51 PM Christopher:
    Because your tablet is in warranty, you can choose the Repair and Return with Box option at no charge. We’ll send you an empty box with a prepaid label in which to return your tablet to our repair facility.
    8:51 PM Christopher:
    The process takes 7 to 10 business days from the date you ship your device. After repairs are made, your device is returned to you using 2-day air.
    8:51 PM [Me]:
    OK. Sounds good.
    8:51 PM Christopher:
    I need a little information to process the repair order.
    8:52 PM Christopher:
    •Preferred phone number
    •Preferred email address
    •Shipping address (street address, city, county, and postal or zip code).
    8:52 PM [Me]:
    [responses. not sure why they wanted "county" for a U.S. shipping address though. I gave it to him, but reiterated that that is usually not part of my typical mailing address. just street address, city, state and zip. This support group is most likely outside the U.S. But the repair address is in Texas.]
    8:54 PM Christopher:
    Thank you for the information.
    8:54 PM Christopher:
    You will receive a confirmation email regarding the repair order in 24 business hours and the box in 2 business days.
    8:55 PM [Me]:
    OK. Great. Thanks!
    8:55 PM Christopher:
    Let me provide you with the Chat session ID number [snip] as a reference for this case.
    8:55 PM Christopher:
    You’re welcome. Is there anything else I can help you with?

    D. The very next day, UPS delivered the empty box for me to ship my Touchpad in. It included the pre-paid return shipping label.

    That's it. It took me a while to find the information (i.e Serial Number, or S/N) and the correct support group, but once I did, the support was very fast, efficient and didn't cost me anything to ship or have the Touchpad repaired.

    Please note, they do inquire whether or not you've loaded any other Operating System, or any other non-supported apps. It appears that if you have, and they find out, your warranty is voided.

    I'll try to post an update once I get the Touchpad back.

    Hope this helps others out there in the same situation.

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    Yesterday, received an email from HP that my TouchPad was fixed and ready to be returned.

    Today, received my TouchPad via UPS overnight. It appears that they do a reset on user credentials, possibly of the hard drive as well.

    Booted it right up. Choose my language and country just like original initial set up. Signed in to my WebOS account and all games / data were restored. Re-keyed in my WiFi credentials.

    Appears to be working as new.

    Total turn around time in my case was 9 days, including a weekend. No out of pocket expense to me for the repair or fast shipping.

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