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    On my hp touch pad i have CM7, however i had problems by tranfsering data from my PC to my tp, however on my computer it states 'deviece not recognized', so i decied to earse all data from my HP touchpad ( I done this so i can get rid of CM7 however this did not delete (CM7), and i am still having the same problem, may someone help me?

    Thank you in advance
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    How did you erase all your data? Your computer not recognizing the touchpad (I'm assuming you're using windows) probably is a novacom issue. Reinstall novacom with with quick installer or universal novacom installer.
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    Can anyone help?? Im having a problem with my tp, its running on android ics9 everything was good for months until now... its locked on the main screen and i cant unlock . touching the screen doesnt work to unlock but i cant even turn it off. wheni get the prompt , it wont let me choose like the touch screen is not recognizing any touch??? when i hooked it to my pc it charges and says "debugging mode enabled"? i cont do anything with my tp , how can i take it out of debug mode when it doesnt even recognize touch????? ahhhh PLZ HELP
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    hold power and center buttons together and force a restart.
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    When you are inside Android, there is a box you must check off, in order for your PC to recognize it.
    (From ncinerate's How-To guide)
    if you want to transfer files back and forth from the CM9 touchpad you might have difficulty figuring out how exactly to do it. Here's how you pull it off:

    First, tap on your app drawer in the top right of the screen (the little checkerboard). Now, select the "settings" icon.

    Now tap on storage on the left-hand pane.

    Finally, the tricky part - tap on the 3 squares at the VERY top right of your screen. It will bring down a little drop-down menu for USB computer connection. Tap it and put a checkmark in the "Media Device MTP" box.

    Now you can plug your touchpad into the computer at will and transfer files back and forth from it. Easy as pie, I'm not sure why this isn't activated by default, but it's a simple fix if you know what to do.
    You might want to re-read that thread, it explains how to properly remove Android with the ACMEUninstaller. You might also want to consider installing a fresh CM9 build, far better than CM7.
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