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    as requested for my wife...

    here's one video of my son using his HP TouchPad... in the video he had almost 15 months old...
    but as you all guys know... when you want to record a children doing something he will not do it as usual...
    so this is not one of his best movements but is the longer time we could record him...

    usually he really plays angry birds as well as other games, swiches between apps, charges his HP TouchPad in his Touchstone and he even knows when and how to fix pulse audio!!! i'll upload later a compilation of all those things... hahahah

    hope you like it..


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    That is cute! Amazing how fast children can grasp on to tech stuff - and definitely shows how natural webOS's design is. That's one smart, cute kid you have there! Thanks for sharing
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    it would wrap things up nicely if you gave your son an ipad and have him burst into tears while screaming he wants his touchpad back, would have made an awesome advert back at the start instead of those russel brand adverts.

    and yeah as mentioned above, he certainly catches on fast when you see him swiping away at that screen like a pro.
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    My 2 year old gradaughter plays everyday with should try the "make a scene" apps, we got them all and are great for young kids.
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    wow! amazing! thanks for sharing
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    Thanks for sharing.

    Send me a message and I'll give you a promo code for 'ABC Trace'!
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    123 Trace - ** NEW APP ** Teaches kids the 123's
    ABC Trace - Teaches kids the ABC's
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    Oh man, your kid is really cute!
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