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    I want to doctor my TouchPad. Been having all sort of problems with webOS that I wont go in to now.

    I have CM9 installed and don't really want to have to install it again. Can I doctor and only wipe the partition with webOS installed? Will the doctor work at all with a smaller than expected partition? What will happen to moboot?

    Thanks dudes!
    HP Pre 3 8GB on 2.2.4 with Skinomi Carbon Fiber Skin and Mugen 1400 mAh Battery
    HP Veer 4G Panda 8GB on 2.1.2 with clear Ghost Armor
    HP TouchPad 16GB on 3.0.5 with offical HP case.
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    Unless something is messed up, you simply need to reinstall moboot to access your cm9 install.

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    Brilliant. Thanks dude. I'll report back once I'm done!

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