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    I use my TouchPad as a solid communications device with Synergy essentially being a massive I.M, and Email communications hub. I also blog on my Touchpad, using Wordpress and I edit Doc's on the device via Smart Office which makes it an excellent editor. So I was curious, what do you use your Touchpad for?
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    Music, is probably the biggest use for me. In my car, work truck and hooked into my guitar amp via BT. Being able to start a song up in Music Remix Player and tap a button and have the lyrics pop up is great, although not all songs are available due to copyright issues. In that instance, a couple of flicks and I can have them up in another browser window.


    BT SMS with my Pre3. I really like this feature.

    Web Browser. I know, some people hate it and "can't do anything with it" "too slow"...yadayadayada. It works for me, and to be honest....sometimes it is too slow. That's when I minimize the window, pop open Twitter, or the catalog or whatever, and go back to what I was doing. Frustrating sometimes, but I deal with it. For the most part, I can do what I want to do.

    I don't really stream or watch anything on it, except for summer, when it's too hot in the house. If I'm watching something, it's usually on my tv, why watch it on a 10" screen? And as far as people that watch tv (TouchPads) in bed, well I don't last more than 5 minutes anyway. Non-issue.

    Next point, I'm sure some will cringe, alarm clock. Depending on the day, I'm getting up anywhere from 3:30AM to 5:30AM, and I use webOS alarm clocks. Note plural, I do use my Pre3 as well. 2 alarms each, staggered 15 min apart between the two and 30 min apart on each device. I have had the missing alarm clock happen, but it has been a really long time ago, I can't even guess when the last time it happened.

    I don't play games on it very much anymore, I have piles of good ones that I haven't even played aside from a few times. It would have to be a pretty rainy day though, I think.

    That's about it, and emails of course.

    If they ever figure out the BT profiles for things like mice, I might reinstall Ubuntu and throw GIMP on it again. I do have AOKP Android on it right now, but it's been at least a couple of weeks since I last fired it up.
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    Hmm that's a good use of it. I found that I use it for mostly IM and answering and responding to emails. I use the SMS feature with my Pre 2 on my Touchpad as a sake of convenance if phone is in my holster and im at work. I find that some features that could add some addtional fuctionality, primarily being touch to share, has kept me from spending four hundred on an unlocked Pre 3. That said, is there really any added benefits of touch to share that could adds more fuctionality besides the sharing of web URL's?

    Also, I like the browser its basic and thats all I need. I bought Advanced Browser for the tabbed experieince, I have used Ubuntu through X-server which has proved to be genius and I duel boot to CM9 alpha 2, to really get the FULL experience out of my Touchpad which besides my Chromebook has become my primary workhorse.
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    I use it mostly as an alarm clock. Still very attached to my laptop. The alarm and sound distortion bugs drive me crazy sometimes.
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    It was being used as a magazine reader until Zinio dropped support for it and only one out of 4 subscriptions work now but Comic HD is an awesome app.
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    Note-taking and reference, mostly, but also more general use when I travel. My laptop is too big and the battery is dead, dead, dead. (It's three times dead because I've replaced it twice already!)
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    Internet. Recipe and Menu development. Food costing, Some text book reading for classes. Easy reference look up. ( much easier than a laptop) Music on occasions. Its just convenient and easy to take with me and easier than a lappy .

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    ok, those are good uses for the Touchpad, variation is a good thing I feel, what about use as a document editing platform? I find it to be lacking in a few areas, but overall a great experience.
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    Picsel smart office is the way to go. I use it everyday for editing, planning, cost cutting, daily menu specials, it has a few issues but beats the pants off quick office

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    nice,that is a great point. All and all would you consider the Touchpad to be a decent use of a document/ powerpoint editor?
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    Really? Just a clock? I mean surely you can find more than that haha, but I understand that everyone has different usages, I mean I use mine primarliy as I listed above.
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    I think the messaging is the best thing about the Touchpad personally.
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    nice,that is a great point. All and all would you consider the Touchpad to be a decent use of a document/ powerpoint editor?
    Considering all in all, for my specific use, as stated above along with inventory sheets, monthly PowerPoint of all my deliveries and supplies. Its not the best but is acceptable for my needs and works well for the weekly inventories and and conversions on food costs and analysis of prices. It easier to just input the amounts at the time of inventories rather than writing down then entering into 'puter at a later time. Spread sheets are a bit to set up. Once you have them going though its a breeze to insert a months worth of paperwork in about half the time as I use to. I like the editing for the menus and schedule making. Plus printing directly when I'm done is also a plus. I think the convenience of it for being in the kitchen is what got me, can print out recipes and conversion sheets for the staff in no time. It also keeps my employees out of my office.

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    My Touchpad gets used a lot. I run my business off it, my blog, email, calendar and i use it to show customers album designs and images. When my wife gets home from work she parks on the couch and facebooks for about an hour.

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    I use mine MOSTLY for web browsing, music, YouTube and reading comic books.
    Back to webOS with my new Touchpad!!!
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    I couldn't live without mine:

    Twitter and Facebook (although I use it via te browser as the native app is so frustrating to use)


    Work - I can connect to my corp VPN for sharepoint and intranet tools. If someone got Office communicator working on it, I could use it in place of my laptop most days.

    News Reading - Love Zite, Nom Nom Nom and Headlines2. All great apps

    Reading - Kindle (official and sideloaded books) and Jason Robitailles ComicshelfHD is freaking awesome. I LOVE reading graphic novels on the TP

    Music - Remix is the best music player Ive used on any platform, ever. Its brilliant. When I'm not playing music, Ive got TuneIn radio playing in the background

    Video - along with Uberkernel and the Enyo Drive Mapper I connect to my NAS and watch anything via Kalemsoft, mostly when in bed.

    Note Taking - meOrg! is the daddy of them all for webos. love it.

    I don't really use it for games anymore, except for things like Mahjong or robotek or something. If I really fancy some gaming, I'll boot to android for Max Payne of GTA 3..or even better just fire up my xbox.

    I also have to give a shout to the dev of WiFi file sharing. This app is a lifesaver - being able to move files without mounting via USB is a godsend. THANK YOU
    Touchpad 4G, Pre3
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    Setting aside which OS I use for what, in rough order of usage...

    -- Web browsing. I have a desktop but sometimes I'm just lying on the couch, in the restroom (yeah, I know) or winding down in bed. I usually read that day's new Cracked articles before lights out for the night.

    -- Read my daily comics. All in one place and easy to relax for 15 minutes in the evening

    -- Play music while performing various household chores

    -- Facebook/Twitter - I don't use Facebook often and mainly read Twitter on my phone throughout the day but it's nice to check in from the couch.

    -- Games. I don't play tons but sometimes the wife and I are on the couch, watching mindless TV and grousing to one another about missed pigs, bad hands of solitaire or goo balls who don't go where they're told.

    -- Videos. I don't do this much from home but it's nice if I know I'll be waiting somewhere (mechanics, doctor) or when I'm traveling. Regardless of whether it's preloaded stuff or streaming, it's good to know I have entertainment at my fingertips while sitting in a hotel room or reception area.

    -- Books. I really need to read more books. I have several on my Kindle account but I'm usually busy doing one of the above. Shame on me.
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    Electronic book reader using pReader and Kindle.
    Weather forecasts using AccuWeather.
    Read the Bible with BibleZ-HD
    Prepare for bass guitar gigs by playing along with reference audio tracks.
    Listen to the radio with TuneIn.
    Calculate pool water chemistry adjustments with
    Lots of things I previously used a laptop for:
    - Look up recipes and then prepare them in the kitchen without printing them out.
    - Keep track of tasks and their progress for the family business using
    - Consolidate various family member's calendars.
    - Send and receive email.
    - Schedule TV programs for my MythTV system to record.
    - Read news websites
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    Quote Originally Posted by Balooz View Post
    Picsel smart office is the way to go. I use it everyday for editing, planning, cost cutting, daily menu specials, it has a few issues but beats the pants off quick office

    -- Sent from my TouchPad using Communities

    Just discovered smart office yesterday and I love the "flow" option when reading word doc's. Automatically maximizes pages to full screen for portrait and landscape, saves me the trouble of resizing each page (huge for me).

    As a student the touchpad is huge for reading powerpoints, word docs, and all around web browsing.
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    Main use: writing sermons and preaching with it on Sunday morning

    Daily devotional

    Daily comics


    E-mail (secondary after laptop)


    Now use it as secondary Android unit

    Nightlight/alarm clock
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