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    Mainly use it for Web browsing (no problems), using Zite (best app ever), and checking weather (including local radar during bad weather, which really eases stress).

    I initially bought the TouchPad to save money. I wanted a tablet with a large screen after using an iPod Touch, my kids wanted an iPad, and my wife wanted a Kindle. So I saved hundreds of dollars and bought a TouchPad for $180, from someone who paid $99 at the fire sale. And everyone is happy.

    I use it the most by far. So convenient around the house, in the bathroom, sitting outside, or anywhere I need to wait and pass time. No more handling the germ-filled magazines at the doctor's office.

    Future uses include installing a mount under a kitchen cabinet and using Epicurious to add some variety to our dinners, and using Skype to communicate more with family around the country.

    I shook my head at the person who said "I can't believe people actually use this dead tablet". If you have it, why not use it, at least for SOMETHING, instead of calling it dead and leaving it sitting in the corner?
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    When the TouchPad was first released I was one of those people purchasing it presale at full pop. haha, I'm such a webOS f#nb#y I probably would have paid more than the price of an ipad at that time just to have webOS on a larger screen but when the fire sale struck, I purchased 1 more TouchPad for my daughter and plus got the rebate for my original TouchPad puchase which made purchasing 5 bucks of super glue to fix the cracks by the speakers a non issue. I use my TouchPad every day for email, PDF files for work, music and connecting with my Pre 3 for texting and phone calls.

    But one app in particular that opened a whole new world for me was the "kindle" app, wow, awesome app. I fly a lot for work and nothing makes time fly by (no pun attended) than a good book and this app makes reading and purchasing books so convenient. I started out reading the free books and then moved up to the 99 cents books and then it happened, lol, Amazon got me hook line and sinker and a lot of my money too i might add, which I don't mind, it is still cheap entertainment IMO. Like many people in here, i enjoy reading science fiction and a few months ago Amazon sent my an email suggesting Orson Scott Card's book "Ender Games" and yep, I ended up not only reading all of the "Ender Games" series but also all of the "Shadow" series too. Amazon follows what you like to read and then makes suggestions which helps out selecting new books to purchase and plus you're saving a few trees along the way too.

    Like eblade said, best 150 I've ever spent
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    When I can't be bothered sitting with my laptop in front of me, I use my TP for browsing the web and twitter (Think I have about 6 different twitter apps, including my own version of phnx :P). If I'm cleaning or reading, I'll usually stick on and listen to some music. Used to keep music on the device and use Remix, but haven't done that in a while.

    Lately I've taken to reading - downloaded the kindle beta app and usually read on my train journey's to and from work (it's about the only time I seem to get to do this). Also have the train times app which is a comeple god send, otherwise I'd constantly miss my trains. My 3 y/o nephew took quite a shine to the TP, so from time to time I let him draw little doodles using just draw or play some Thomas the Tank videos from YouTube. A kid after my own heart

    When I initlaly got it, roughly about a year ago, I used it for taking notes in uni. Couldn't afford a replacement laptop back then and QuickOffice HD partnered with for storage was really great. We used Google Docs for all our project work so it brilliant to have access to that instantly. That and I was able to keep my TimeTable in PDF format

    Skype was one of the best parts of it too. My girlfriend goes to uni 100 miles away from me, so being able to talk to her face to face was brilliant (She actually had a touchpad herself for a while). With the recent developments made to Synergy plugins, I'm so glad I've been able to get MSN working too.

    I probably would have been quicker just saying "I use it for everything" haha! But honestly, when I can't take my laptop or can't be bothered, my touchpad comes with me. Emails, the odd movie on a long train journey, being able to tweak it to how I like (Search preware for TiDE, awesome IDE for code editing on the TP) - love it.

    If only there was a viable solution to netflix, my life would be complete *le sigh*
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    It's still amazes me to see(reading this post), so much people writing lately of finding a real use out of the dead book-weight of HP TouchPad. Nice read from post like eBlade, sellacct, netwrkr9 & stickerboy totally enjoyed reading their latest post when using the TouchPad for reading on Kindle app, Web-Browsing and Skyping on it. Despite with the recent news from Stupid HP, with drops of support for the latest Open WebOS....I can't find any words to see more people post their own stories about using the TouchPad at doctor's office, daily commune at school, or using it to do their office work. I'm been so disappointed at HP during those couple of months, that I have stashed my device on their original box next to their accessories(just to collect dust, like HP always wanted) .

    However, reading the latest post kind of inspired me to pull it out(of the particles of dust) from my closet and maybe power-on the TouchPad. I will probably decide to get out of my laziness and install the CM9 on it, to switch to Android operating system instead. I never intended to installed it on my TouchPad, because I wanted to remain to the WebOS pureness with my first tablet that I got during the FireSale. But seeing this silliness from HP again(dropping support for the TouchPad with Open WebOS), it just made re-think some stuff and probably migrate to the Android platform. No matter how many people might criticize Google for the Android UI or the performance for that matter, at least it a company with goals and a future. A complete different mentality from HP, that messed-up this operating system to the ground.
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    I am sad HP/Palm deceived us, but I still find many uses, I compiled a gcc, in arm and now using on board compiler to program, neat, so many things going on, just because HP/Palm will not put Open webOS on it does not mean the community can't give it time... With LunaCE, already better performance the stock Luna 3.0.5.
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    ... a few months ago Amazon sent my an email suggesting Orson Scott Card's book "Ender Games" and yep, I ended up not only reading all of the "Ender Games" series but also all of the "Shadow" series too.....
    I read all the Ender books on my HTC Magic. Now THAT'S a small screen! Would surely have liked to have the TP at that time. :-)
    Now I got it (the TP), so maybe I should go for the Shadow series?
    I go by train everyday for work and that adds up to aprox. 43000 miles a year. I use my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 before now a TP) for all the usual stuff. Mail, reading, writing, browsing, music and movies. I live in Denmark so I can't buy apps from the Catalog - haven't found a ninja-trick to get passed the geoblocking. I therefor only use the free apps, but most of them are pretty okay.
    The WebOS community is fantastic, so I'm sure I one day can get the full potential out of my TP.

    Martin :-)
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