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    these are all great. It's good to know that the Touchpad has daily uses
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    Web browsing: /. , reddit and all pages I care render perfectly.
    Listening to music: the edge canada, thesixthyone, own music library, pandora+vpn, r/music. Flash comes handy
    Reading books: Amazon kindle beta, with sideloaded and purchased books, better than the android version .
    Reading college books: Picsel office or Adobe (highly patched), they come in pdfs and some have me boot to android because they will not render properly.
    Reading PPTs: amazingly I have found that while a tad slower, quick office renders them with higher fidelity than PO or the office suite I installed in CM9.
    Reading Word files, inspecting excel files: PO.
    Messaging: built in app.
    Video chat: Skype!
    Videos: kalemsoft.
    Light gaming: robotech, nfs, emulators...
    Alarm clock.
    Email: the built in app is fantastic.

    I cant stand to type on a touchscreen so no document editing nor composing takes place there. I wish I could open DWF files without booting to CM9.

    Besides some build quality issues there is not much more I could ask from this machine, webOS covers almost all my app needs and when something is missing I just boot to CM9 (which btw is not bad at all) It simply feels more at home with webOS, its better (without cm9 being bad)
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    I use my touchpad for general browsing, email, apollo app for Pandora, reading zite...and for cm9.

    other times I just flick around, admire the accuweather and usa today app, and wonder what could have been.


    Damn you leo.
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    thanks for actually keeping the thread alive haha, so have anyone ran Ubuntu at all with XME interface? Its amazing.
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    I think you mean xfce, I used it back when xterm didnt hide the keyboard (three finger tap) so it wasn“t that great, yet it was usable, having a full, desktop like, chrome browser sure was a novelty. Now that we have the three finger gesture I think I will give it a try.
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    While I have browse the web from time to time on my TouchPad(not much lately, browser too slow), currently I see very little use of it at the moment. When I first bought my device, was super happy with it and took it anywhere that I could take it(that includes coffee shops, library, school anywhere with WiFi). However, as months passed by with little sign of HP giving it some(sorta) life then suddenly it has become more than just a night clock that sits on my night-stand. While it sits on like a 24 hrs a day without an actual use(on the touchstone charger), at night it serves me pretty well with a clock with the addition of having radio capability into it. I have to admire the posters(in these forums) that still manage to find a use for the dead TouchPad.

    Still find it surprising to some even consider the HP Touchpad useful, as a web browser its okay but not that great either(maybe I find it disappoints a lot).

    My favorite apps:

    1) Flixi. (an amazing clock stand, with a bit of extra features like the ability to display newsfeed, weather, clock and even post from facebook).
    2) Apollo
    3) Pandora Tablet
    4) Datajog
    5) Advance Browser( it works, but its just another unsuccessful browser that its just gives a few headaches due to its same error loading page pop up message on browser pages..errrrr)

    Well, that's pretty use that I TouchPad could get out it, here hoping that Open-WebOS brings something nice to the dying platform that will make it revive again. Crossing my fingers that the stupidity from HP don't put a damp on the release of WebOS into the open. Yes, I'm pointing fingers directly at Mrs. Whitman(another CEO with a bit of Leo personality into her).
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    Well, I cant say thats not a practicle use for it, but you got to have some other use for it hah, thats at least getting it off the charger.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dignitary View Post
    It sits on its Touchstone on my desk running CM9 (Android) as a dashboard of relevant widgets while I do my primary tasks on my desktop.

    Once in a while, my wife will use it for Netflix or the Xfinity On-Demand app.

    That's really about it. It rarely moves from its Touchstone anymore and hasn't seen webOS in ages (still on 3.0.2 last I remember).
    You not a tablet guy like me. Whenever I need to do something I head straight for the laptop
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    When I first got the TP, I thought what the heck am I going to use it for? It is easier to whip out than any lappy. (never used an actual iPad, prolly a good thing or I'd prolly stop using the TP) I found myself using it for a TV Guide quite a lot. I've used the iphone 4s and had it for about a month and it sucked so bad to use after using webOS for so long. Never again would I try to adjust to that type of os. So many steps to do the most simple of tasks it was a mofo. I think after using the other os's I became absolutely addicted to the way webOS does everything. Even with its downfalls.
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    I mostly use mine for browsing, RSS feeds, Twitter & the occasional text-to-phone with my Pre3 (though I'd use it more if if synced read SMSes). I think it's going to be getting a lot more use now WOCE's been released and I can tinker
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    i do the same with my Pre 2, love my Touchpad for alot of things and im very excited with WebOS CE, and the possibilities of what other great uses it could bring to our Touchpads.
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    CM9 (Chrome, Netflix, Adobe Reader, photos).

    The biggest issue, is that even with the latest nightlies (using 06292012 ATM), it can still be flaky, like Chrome and Gallery crash a lot, but other than e-mail, the browsers, Kindle app, and Reader just run circles around the webOS versions. The only things I really miss from webOS, is Synergy, and the apps I bought (Splashtop, Picsel, and Asphalt 6), although if I need to, I can boot back into webOS.

    When I got my TP last year, I didn't think I'd have any real use for a tablet, but I find it generally more useful to use for web browsing and e-mail then my laptop or netbook, and I'll probably end up replacing the trio with an iPad next year.
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    its my coffee table device

    Email and living room entertainment...

    my pre2 is my webOS work horse as well as my laptop....

    not saying she's not capable but why should ipads have all the fun

    oh I forgot skype and **** :-P
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    Hi, my first web os device was a new HP pre2 sim free, it is a brilliant phone and web os card system
    And swipe gestures are very good, browser has flashplayer which is vital for BBC news and i player here in uk,
    Battery life is ok and bought new palm battery with it as a spare, so i have web os in my collection,
    Then i thought HP Touchpad, very rare in good condition and overpriced, today i visited small shop which deals in
    New unsold phones from networks, on display a new HP Touchpad 32GB and new foilo case, price £200 GB pounds,
    Bought it and it is similar to pre phone,look forward to learning from other owners posts on these forums,
    Why did HP abandon Web O.S.?, as Nokia did with Meego( i have N9 ) another brilliant system.
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    umm the reason that they both have failed (well WebOS is currently in a weird intermediary period, so I would not say it's dead, but Mego died off due to a multitude of reasons but the main reason would be changing market trends that leaned toward IOS and Android devices, with Widows Phone and Black Berry leaning in 3-4th place respectively. The real nail in the coffin though was that Nokia dropping it in favor of Windows phones. and even though it may be a great O.S it is rather antiquidated with the more advanced features of it's other competitors, which kinda led reduced interest in it, with the PureView being the last for the OS of course you never know.

    -P.S; My Pre 2 is my workhorse too.
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    Do any of you have any other uses? Do you use the Touchpad for anything else that is unique or different from what a casual user, (Music, photos, etc) might use their tablet for?
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    Web browsing mostly, some Kindle usage.

    The OH uses the Daily Suduko app.

    I took CM9 off so it could go on some European adventures with the MIL and haven't put it back on. I will do eventually, I guess it's a bit more stable than a couple of months ago ... Good fun to tinker with but most of my 'productive' stuff is done on the desktop or the iPad (music making stuff, mainly).

    I wouldn't sell it, it's too handy to have around.
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    I think the common consensus of most of the people on thread is that it really is a casual media device. My hope for the Touchpad now is that with the release of the Community Edition, that the device will have a wide array of new uses that may come with the overall improved fuctionality.
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    Browsing the internet, playing the odd game, checking email, watching movies, listening to music, looking up recipes, controlling my Squeezebox players(2), Skype, and reading books (PDF).

    For movies, it's mostly when I'm on the road.

    I did find a peculiar issue when posting on proboards... every time I post, the Touchpad posts multiple posts. It's almost as if there are multiple Enter commands issued in quick succession. More like the communications between the proboards server and the Touchpad is not proper and the latter issues multiple Enter commands. Odd indeed!
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    Nice, I like that some people actually like the browser on the Touchpad.
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