I will try really hard to be as brief as possible. Both my desktop and tablet are on my wireless network. Last weekend I had major trojan problems with my desktop. Shut down. Used my HP tablet to search for the cure. Ended up having to do a total restore on the desktop. Had to uninstall/install the wireless usb adapter on the desktop before it worked again. My Hp tablet worked throughout this process. During the reinstall of the usb adapter I had to reset the router. Of course it killed the Wi-Fi on the tablet but it should have been temporary, simply a matter of it finding it again. Nope. It will not reconnect to my network. It asks for the password. I've input the password for my router dozens of times but it keeps saying it's incorrect. Before I try to tether it to the HP site and wipe it clean, I thought I would ask on here if there is a less drastic fix to my problem. Thanks