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    A couple of questions..

    Just purchased a 32gb TP off craigslist for $100. I thought it was an ok deal. I never heard of a TP until i bought it lol. Anyway, its multiple dead zones on it. I have to rotate the screen to different angles to hit certain buttons. I performed webOS doctor and reset it back to factory settings but im guessing its not a software issue. Its still covered under warranty but I think the guy i purchased it from said his friend replaced the digitizer but im not sure what happened, either way it shows slight signs that it has been opened. Would HP still warranty the device? I chatted with support and they informed me that it was under warranty and that they would send a box out so i could ship it back. I didnt inform them that it looked like it had been slightly tampered with. Do you think its a possibility that they will say they will be unable to repair it? If not, does this sound like a digitizer malfunction problem? I've viewed the videos on how to replace it and it seems simple enough. Just a couple of questions.
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    just decided to take it apart and fix it myself since it was already halfway opened Actually the digitizer wasnt even glued sufficient because while prying the the case open the digitizer came unstuck. So I didnt have to remove anything from the bezel just unclip the connectors and analyze the problem. I haven't gotten the replacement digitizer yet. Just wondering if this replacement or any of the other numerous listings on ebay would be ok before i bought it.

    Also, he said he replaced the digitizer before..could the problem not be with the digitizer? When I opened everything up and reattached the connectors, it seemed like it functioned better than before but it was still a dead zone. Holding the TP upright, the row containing the numerical buttons dont function, as well as certain spots to the top of the devie

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