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    In over 12 hours of endless website searches and forum reading, I've noticed there is only one difference with my touchpad with WebOS and Cyanogenmod 9 OS: the last time my touchpad worked-before the QUESTION MARK BATTERY ICON appeared-was when I unfortunately had to unplug and disconnect abruptly ( non technical reasons) from a Dell mini 10 netbook during a music transfer, WITHOUT properly ejecting first. That evening I just plugged it in to charge as always, and it wasn't until that following morning that I realized it wouldn't power on. The home+power combo pulled up the question mark icon.
    I've attempted all button combos, letting it die until even the icon wouldn't appear, then did it all over again to no avail. The netbook I was connected to is gone, so reconnecting is not an option. And my older Emachine desktop (ironically with the exact same WinXP SP3 OS as the netbook), wouldn't detect the touchpad while it was working...despite changing the camera-to-media and debugging settings. Therefore I've yet to attempt it while inoperable.
    What I can't seem to understand why there appears to be a consistent secrecy in just what HP is doing to fix this, what exact error this icon represents, and why an apparently common error or its solution isn't being shared on a discontinued product.
    Please don't get me wrong, my touchpad has become an extension of myself. It is the source of the self-education, literature, and MUSIC that makes each day just a little more tolerable, (yes, sad but true lol). And I can't express with words my gratitude for the minds behind CM9. That's why I'm humbly asking for any input or possible solutions, before sending this amateur off to disassemble and jump start something so sensitive. The closest probable explanation I've read referred to some kind of faulty v6 controller....and well IF by chance I activate USB mode, I'm going to have to read a "how to" just to find out how to "flash" the OS, and if that will destroy my much coveted CM9. Please forgive such a beginners lack of experience. I know we all start somewhere, and believe it or not, Cyanogenmod and my touchpad are what's sparked my interest in much beyond slapping around and out maneuvering the latest Windows. TMI I know, but please I'm open to any ideas. Thanks for your time and attention.
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    The question mark battery means that the device can't recognize the battery and will not start.
    The battery has a chip inside and the device is trying to communicate to this chip but can't.
    In the TP, like the veer and pre3 this communication is done through a programmable chip called the A6.
    So it's either your battery/chip has a problem or this A6.
    I had this once on a Veer but it was gone after some switch on/off charge circle.
    Sorry I can't help you any more.

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