Hi all,

I have a 32gb touchpad with dual boot WebOS and Android (CM9). I love WebOS to death, but it didnt have certain apps that i desperately need on a daily basis (Wunderlist, OneNote and a Linkedin App being on top of that list) and didnt have mouse support.

Now, I use the Touchpad on the Touchstone charger in Android mode with a bt keyboard and mouse. it's basically a fully fledged computer. But I hate Google's OS (it's just ugly in my opinion).

So I want to move back to WebOS as my primary OS, but before I do that, I wanted to know the status of certain projects I've been hearing about.

a) OpenMobile's APK to IPK converter. What's the status on that? I haven't heard any relevant news on that project since March

b) Mouse support? I know there is unused code that supposedly could support a mouse, but for some reason doesn't work. (Pairs but doesnt work). Has a fix been developed for that?

Please don't give me the Google is my friend spiel... I've checked, I havent found anything new for months.

I love the Touchpad as a productivity tablet, but I desperately need these two features for it to be absolutely a deal breaker instead of Android *shivers*