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    So there's my story....
    I've bough a touchpad (32gig) with android preinstall,
    I've tried it a lot, and choose to only keep webos, so I've decided to erase completely the touchpad, using webosdoctor....
    unfortunatly it stuck at 12%.... And then nothing.... Impossible to reinstall webos...
    I've read a lot about the subject, about resizing the drive, using novaterm.....
    I've install palm-sdk, webosdoctor, webosquickinstall (I'm on ubuntu 12.04), I know that novacom is running (with the command sudo start palm-nocacomd), but I'm not able to get a novaterm shell....
    Please help me.......
    thanks, big thanks in advance
    (lucky for me I have 2 touchpad)
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    Although too late now; it would have been better to "erase" the android install FIRST, then webosdoctor.
    Based upon the details in your post, if accurate, then android is not yet uninstalled (as the doctor does not do that for you)

    IF you can get the TP into 'bootie' (which apparently you can do as the doctor recognized the device):
    then you should use the acmeuninstaller to properly remove android from the device. Then, if you so choose, perform a webosdoctor at that time.

    from the relevant thread (swap CM7 for whatever android version you have on your device)

    Finally, "What if I already have CM7 installed and want to upgrade?"

    At this time, I've personally had issues upgrading directly through clockworkmod from CM7 to CM9. It -CAN- be done, but I don't recommend it. It is also not recommended to attempt triple-booting at this time. Because of this, I am recommending you uninstall CM7 entirely, then install CM9 following this guide.

    So uninstall CM7, you first need to download the ACMEUninstaller:

    Once downloaded, move this file to an easy to find location. I prefer creating a directory as explained below in the "install" phase, I put my android files in c:\android

    Once the file is placed properly, connect the touchpad to the computer via the USB. Restart the touchpad. When moboot comes up, select the webOS recovery option. This will bring up the USB symbol. Now, on your computer go to Start, and in the search box (or the start/run box) type:


    This will bring up your terminal window. Now, navigate to your acmeuninstaller file:

    cd /android

    And finally, cut/paste this:

    novacom boot mem:// < ACMEUninstaller

    That's it!

    If you run into any issues, such as novacom not working (not being recognized), this simply means that novacom is not properly set up to work on your computer. You can solve this by moving the ACMEUninstall file to this folder:

    c:\Program Files\Palm, Inc

    (or WHATEVER drive your /Program Files/palm, Inc folder is in, most computers default to c:\ but yours may be different)

    Then running the program from there as explained above. Hit start, and in the search box or the start/run box, type cmd, then once the terminal box comes up, type the following:

    cd /Program Files/Palm, Inc

    novacom boot mem:// < ACMEUninstaller
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    I'm gonna try that....
    also a strange thing, on windows 7, webosdoctor allow me to begin the process (even if its stop at 12%), but on my Ubuntu machine (12.04), the "next" button on webosdoctor stay grey ???????

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