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    I am having an issue with my HP touchpad. I am connected to the WiFi and can access the web and my emails through exchange. After several hours I can not get on the web and can not get email to show....I continually have to restart the HP touchpad. Strange when I purchased it it worked great.....don't know what happened.

    any fixes?
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    Sorry but it's a pet peeve and it's an internet plague but it's "lose", not "loose".
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    Have you tried doing a reset and restoring the TouchPad? You'd need to set everything up again, but it may fix the issue. Just make sure you connect your TP to the computer first to backup any important data.

    Stu :-)
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    if your wifi settings are set to sleep mode when device sleeps maybe its going a bit wrong there, you coudl change to keep wifi on and see if the same happens, if not do any other of your wifi devices do the same after a while? does your router have some clever options of its own you could check over.

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