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    My touchpad recently wouldn't start at all. I sent it to get it fixed to HP. Came back with 100% charge and working but now when I attach it to the wall charger I constantly get "Battery Charging" message with an annoying tone. It seems like the it is charging but then stops charging and then charges again every few seconds. I have restarted the device several times but that doesn't seem to fix the problem. I have ordered a new charger and will check if that fixes it.

    Anybody else seen a similar issue? When the battery is charging I should see a thurdebolt type symbol on the battery correct? I don't see it , it just comes and goes every few seconds. First the touchpad broke now the charger seems to broken. I am glad I didn't spend $400 on this device. I am only a light user but this is a frustrating device.

    Also the cracked speaker issue already happened on this device, I sent it to HP they sent it back as is!
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    Have had this problem on the Touchstone charger a couple of times. It would even continue showing the charging sjgnal every two seconds off and on after removal from the Touchstone. I have had to go to a shutdown by holding the turnoff button and the center button for about 20 seconds. Always (almost) use Touchstone for charging.

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