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    I'm not sure if there's a thread on this, I couldn't find one, but I wanted to offer some help.

    I have been, for quite sometime, been unable to specify the image search size in Google image search. When they first removed the option from the left side on the TouchPad, it could still be accessed from the Advanced Search options. Now though, not even Advanced Search will allow to set your image search size.

    So how do you do it?

    Thankfully, a simple addition to your search field will save the day:

    I like Tron, so lets say I want a fancy Tron wallpaper for my new Pre 3 (I'll touch to share it when I find it on my TouchPad). The Pre 3 resolution is different than the iPhone and most Android devices, so a general search is no good. So here's what I need to type in:

    tron imagesize:480x800
    You may notice that the imagesize code is missing from your search field upon the search result, but don't worry, that's supposed to happen.

    Now you've got all the Tron Pre 3 goodness one could ever desire!
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    Mebbe this will help reduce my search times when looking for images.

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