I just bought a second HPTP and in setting it up I tried to connect to my wireless provider (Time Warner/Road Runner). I keep getting invalid password when I KNOW I am typing in the right one. I even took my first TP and reconnected by retyping the password without any trouble. What could be wrong? Is there some setting I have to do with my new TP? Very frustrating... I was able to connect using another wireless router that showed up on my list of available networks. I live in a large city apt building and saw a listing for one that was unsecured. The signal was a bit weak, but I was able to connect to HP and set up my Tablet. I still want to be able to use my own provider, so I am posting here. Please, if anyone has any idea of what I should do let me know. I tried going to the Time Warner site, but didn't have any success - I am sure they will say the "problem" is on my end, as I AM able to connect using my other equipment.