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    Hey guys,

    I installed Ubuntu on my Touchpad and am trying to remove it and restore my system to scratch. I have removed Ubuntu and the ext3fs partition successfully (using gadgetXplorer: #webOS: How to remove EXT3FS partition), but I can't get the disk re-partitioned back to what it should be. I just finished running the Doctor, and that wasn't enough to fix it either.

    At present, this is what my disk looks like:
    root@HPTouchPad:/# df -kh
    Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on
    /dev/root                31.0M     13.2M     17.8M  43% /boot
                            559.1M    428.5M    130.6M  77% /
                            559.1M    428.5M    130.6M  77% /dev/.static/dev
    tmpfs                     2.0M    176.0K      1.8M   9% /dev
                             62.0M      7.4M     54.6M  12% /var
    tmpfs                    40.0M    304.0K     39.7M   1% /tmp
    tmpfs                    16.0M     64.0K     15.9M   0% /var/run
    tmpfs                    32.0M      8.0K     32.0M   0% /var/tmp
    tmpfs                   459.7M         0    459.7M   0% /media/ram
                             23.2M      5.8M     17.4M  25% /var/log
    cryptofs                 23.5G      8.0G     15.5G  34% /media/cryptofs
                            240.0M     26.4M    213.6M  11% /var/db
                            127.5M     16.2M    111.2M  13% /var/file-cache
                             23.5G      8.0G     15.5G  34% /media/internal
    Any idea how I can get the rest of my storage space back?
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    Alright, I want this fixed! I'll throw in a bounty.

    $10 via paypal gift to the person who proposes the fix!
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    Did you try using the tailor (sp?) app created by webos internals? Its in the beta feed. Read through the thread for it on webosnation

    Ps if it works, you can donate to webos internals as they are going to be working plenty hard for us in the coming months.
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    Boom. Tailor did the job.

    Also, I put my money where my mouth is. $10 to WebOS Internals!

    Thanks bluenote!

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