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    First off, I have a Touchstone charger so I can still charge.

    However, my TP won't connect to my PC via USB and it won't charge via the USB adapter/wall plug in. I suspect that the USB port on the TP is broken. Is there any way to verify that this is the issue? Any way to fix it if it is the problem?

    Thanks guys
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    I had this same problem when I was on a trip recently, and I erroneously assumed that the TP had failed. However, when I got home, I was able to charge the TP using my Touchstone charger. So then I tried the USB connector again. It did not work the first time, but it DID charge after I reversed the polarity of the plug (i,e., removed the electrical plug from the receptacle and turned it around 180 degrees. It has been working fine ever since. So I suggest you try this possible solution. Good luck!

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