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    The official polls are open! This is your chance to tell us what you want to call this project in the future. Not only that, it'll help us be up and running, since we need to create accounts to organize everything and having a set name means that we'll know exactly what to type when working with those accounts.

    Now get to it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spyke View Post
    Coincidentally, the action of turning a card on its side is also called 'tapping' in popular trading card games.

    So, "On Tap" resonates as follows:

    "On Tap" refers to information at hand, just what the magazine should have.
    "On Tap" refers to a user action on a touchscreen.
    "On Tap" refers to a particularly satisfying way to distribute beer, resonating with Homebrew.
    "On Tap" refers to pivoting a card, resonating both with Pivot and webOS cards.

    I can live with it being the name of a magazine in Maryland. There are quite a lot of publications called "The Times" in the world as well. ;-)

    +1 onTap ...for me it's the most creative choice
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    Additionally "onTap" refers to a Javascript event handler.
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    Gravity or Blaze...
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    How about just the Hombrew Pivot APP Cataloge?
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    How about 'inflections' - like a change of direction, a new trajectory, a functional shift.
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    We're already done naming, and it's now called "onTap".
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    <thread title updated>
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