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    Since this will be (generally speaking) a smaller project in the Homebrew world, how about calling it a "microbrew" ??

    Which could of course also be 'on tap'
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    On Tap is currently a publication about the bars, restaurants and clubs in the Maryland area... On Tap Magazine On Tap Online
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    swoosh (the sound cards make when you toss them)

    Three oh Five/30h5/3-0-5 ...last version of webOS ...i usually say zero, but O/oh seems to flow better
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    "'Form follows function' that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union."
    Frank Lloyd Wright
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    Thinking about the original name: It was about a feature of the magazine, that you can turn the TP on its side to see a new perspective. The action is called pivoting. So another way to think about it is what's the most important feature Homebrew Pivot could have. What do you want to see?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMMan View Post
    Thinking about the original name: It was about a feature of the magazine, that you can turn the TP on its side to see a new perspective. The action is called pivoting.
    Coincidentally, the action of turning a card on its side is also called 'tapping' in popular trading card games.

    So, "On Tap" resonates as follows:

    "On Tap" refers to information at hand, just what the magazine should have.
    "On Tap" refers to a user action on a touchscreen.
    "On Tap" refers to a particularly satisfying way to distribute beer, resonating with Homebrew.
    "On Tap" refers to pivoting a card, resonating both with Pivot and webOS cards.

    I can live with it being the name of a magazine in Maryland. There are quite a lot of publications called "The Times" in the world as well. ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spyke View Post
    "On Tap" refers to a particularly satisfying way to distribute beer, resonating with Homebrew.
    lol satisfying to distribute, not always satisfying to drink.......especially at any stadiums around here
    $8 each and 4 will give you a worse hangover than a 12 pack of anything else.

    1 vote for Fulcrum
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    Stealing a word from your paragraph how about Perspective?

    -1 for Fulcrum I think, too cryptic, same with kingpin, axle or other Synonyms of Pivot. closest I like in that list (apart from Turning Point obviously which is just brilliant) is Hub although Shaft is tempting because we sometimes feel a little that way in the past tense... well, you know.

    All in good fun and of course in the best possible taste.
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    How about Palmed (know your roots)
    Vote for QuickOffice for Palm Pre!
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    hello to everyone!

    i was going to suggest just

    webOS [[[ ]
    m a g a z i n e

    but i like the onTap....

    i actually made an animation of how i see it in my mind... hope you like it...
    it's a draft, here it is...

    in YouTube... will be available in just a minutes... it's processing in youtube's servers....
    UPDATE : now it's online...

    and if you want the H.264 MP4...

    and here's a gif hahahha....

    as you can see, i did not use the onTap that ShiftyAxel Suggested, because i fifn't like how it was... so i modified it and put the same font as the webOS logo but in capital letter... we can still write it as onTap.... but if you guys would like to, i can change it to onTap or onTAP or something like that...

    if you like it... i can make a better version... i imagine to put the loading glow after te tap and put "comming soon.. or something like that..

    haahah... well... tell me what you think about it... and if the chosen name is another, i'll be glad to make the logo and/or animation...

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    webOS [[[ ]
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    very nice bluerq
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    @bluerq - that.... is... sweet!!

    The more I see it, the more I like "on tap". Outside of it playing perfectly with the name 'Homebrew', it really makes me think of what's coming. "Here's what's On-Tap this month".... It really does tie everything together nicely.
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    ... tell me what you think about it...
    It looked fine, though bland. — And reminded me of how little I cared for the "snake eating OS" logo.

    Here are some thoughts flying through my head, while (and after) reading through the post;

    Dynamo — Dynamic content, dynamic authors, dynamic user base. We do what is needed to!
    Pivoting/Pivothing — That last one was a cheap punch, but while Pivot promised, Pivoting is doing it.
    Gyrate — Yada, yada ... More "action" for the masses.
    Kernel — The core of the experience / user base that keeps webOS spinning. We control it anyway.
    Next — We stopped waiting for it, and created the Next (chapter)! WebOS — there is always Something|Next!
    Essence — Really goes in the same lane as Kernel. And then there is Core, and ...
    Substance — Quality can't live without it. Content with substance is mostly needed.
    Focus — We keep our focus, even when HP don't.
    Turn — It's our turn. Turning the table (of cards). Turning the page, making something happen — again ...

    That was refreshing. Looking at my current rate of visiting the forums, not to mention participating, it seems I have lost some hope despite happily using my devices every day.

    {I never liked playing with cards until webOS made it useful}
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    i like ink, too. not so sure about ontap
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    I suggest:

    - appView
    - Pilot
    - Voyage
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    Didn't someone mention Atlas at somepoint?
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    Chalk another one up for onTap.
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    What about PIVOTALL (play on the words pivotal and all and still links to original pivot, just a thought.
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    +1 to onTap (really like the stylization of that) and webOS [[[ ] Magazine. Either one of those seems like a good name.

    On a side note, kinda sucks that it couldn't be called something like Palm Magzine or Touch Magazine without it making it sound like it's an adult-oriented magazine.
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