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    +1 for "On Tap"
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    Looks like it's gonna be on tap
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    +1 for 'On Tap'

    I'd also vote for "Momemtum" or "Motion". (which will happen once full open-sourcing is done)
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2Phresh View Post
    What about "On Tap"? Since this is a homebrew effort and all. My stepmom thought of that.
    I think its a brilliant name :-)
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    What about "Still alive!"

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    +1 for on tap

    there should be a section called guest ales too ;-)
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    Holy Shnikes I'm slow today... forget my other 2 suggestions. Homebrew "On-Tap" is awesome.
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    On Tap dosnt make any sense to me at all...

    i vote for Ink

    or maby Ink'ed
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    Considering the fact that webOS is either called dead or undead, we should stress that webOS will come back. And remembering George Romero's 1978 movie "Dawn of the dead", we should call Homebrew Pivot "DAWN"

    It's even slightly poetic, isn't it? ;-)
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    I'm growing to like on tap, but now it keeps making me think of the ontap: event in Enyo. Perhaps it could be stylised as webOS: "onTap"?
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    'webOS future'
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    +1 for "On Tap". It's the one that's stuck in my head.
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    (I don't really like on tap though it is clever and probably better than mine)
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    +1 onTap
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    Quote Originally Posted by dkirker View Post
    ink (or webOS ink as the long name).

    Representative of the (almost lost) art form of penning documents and publications before printers (or printing presses) were available. Below is a logo that I have quickly created. One could also use the angular "slashes" that HP uses (though this might be subject to HP trademark guidelines).
    Or along these lines,

    Link -- webOS Link

    Which would of course, take the pen to the next level, and proceed to html, or web tech, which is what webOS runs on.. hence, Link.

    And at the same, connoting the "links" we have formed between maker and community, going hand in hand into this journey called life.
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    How about "Fixed Axis Rotation" (ie. Pivot) cause all us homebrewers are suck geeks. :P
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    on tap sounds stupid. it makes me think of kegs and beer
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccx View Post
    on tap sounds stupid. it makes me think of kegs and beer
    And what does the term 'Homebrew' make you think of..?
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    "Turning Point" is a variation on Pivot and sounds a bit hopeful that things will improve......

    I wonder if they settled on "Pivot" originally because of this example sentence at
    Pivot the apple, and cut again, until only the core remains" :-)
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    I agree with ShiftyAxel "webOS OnTap" sounds good if it stylised like that
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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