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    We have a network where about 50 devices connect. Every 24 hours, the DHCP server assigns new IP addresses to every connected device. Because of this, we use computer names when accessing our internal sites and test computers. For example, if I want to access a development Mac, I'd point my browser to http://testmac-blue.local/

    This works for all of our computers, iPhones, iPads, Windows, and Android devices. However, my TouchPad refuses to connect to any computer via its computer name or hostname.

    I'm able to ping ____.local with xTerm and it resolves to the correct IP addresses just fine. However, when going to http://machine.local/ in the web browser, it is unable to resolve. Can anyone suggest a workaround?
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    You'll probably need to see if you can get the DNS configured so that it works with a .com .net .org etc address, or something along those lines. I remember seeing some weird-looking code in the browser app that screws up one and two part names, but I can't remember the specifics for it. alternately, it could be patched probably to allow it. Universe or Advanced Browser may work as well.
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