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    So Diet Coda get's published tomorrow, but it's iPad-only. I hav to admit, I was jealous on that one (first app so far) but after some minutes I thought "Hey, we already have that!".

    Here's a guide on what you need, to have your own mobile development center + how to get git support.

    First off, what you will need is Dev mode enabled (enter "webos200906" into just type and activate the Dev mode), Preware installed (Index of /) and some knowledge about webOS and Linux in general.

    To begin, you'll need to install some packages from preware. The easiest way to do so is to search for them right from the preware main scene. This is what you need:

    - Optware Bootstrap
    - Optware Packageinstaller
    - wterm
    - OpenSSH
    - TouchPad IDE

    I'd recommend a device restart after you got all that installed.
    Next, open up wterm and follow the instructions to set it up. Now go into SU mode:
    and update the optware package feeds:
    ipkg-opt update
    Now you can install git via:
    ipkg-opt install git
    If this is ready, leave SU mode via exit and use ssh-keygen to generate your SSH keys.
    Copy them to your USB partition for easy access:
    cp /var/home/wterm/.ssh/ /media/internal/
    Connect the TouchPad to a PC or Mac and open up USB disk drive mode. Open the file in an editor and copy it's contents to the secure ssh key list of your git provider.

    A personal tip here:
    I'm using Bitbucket to host my website's files. I don't know if github and so on have this feature, but Bitbucket allows you to set-up a POST service which is ran after a commit came in and which is pinging an url. At this url I got a PHP script which now gets the latest files from Bitbucket and updates my website's files with them. That way, I can update my site quite easy and have the versioning right in place without any further steps needed. If you are interested in how the script is working, I could post that too.

    Okay, back to tutorial. If you got that done, you now can clone your git repository.
    First of all, create a folder on your /media/internal/ partition for repos (mkdir /media/internal/repos) and navigate there.
    To clone your current repository, use:
    git clone git@HOST.tld:USER/project
    or whatever your host tells you. This will create a new directory with your files.

    To start working, open up TouchPad IDE (TIDE) and open your files. Voila =)

    If you own Glimpse, you could also download the Developers Cut. This version allows you to add your own apps as widgets. Add wterm and TIDE and you can have all your development stuff in one screen. I'm using TIDE in the bigger right window and wterm as a panel on the left. I sometimes also use another TIDE in the center panel (bigger one for HTML/..., smaller for CSS).

    I really hope you like my guide.
    Have fun with your new dev device!
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    An English translation would be great!

    -- Sent from my TouchPad using Communities
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    Hi ice8lue, feel free to post the translation directly into this thread.

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    OK guys, full guide is up! =)
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    I'd like to see a screenshot of your setup
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