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    I looked for this, can't find.

    I got a used touchpad. reset it to default. "just type" bar still says "make it so", and there is no quicklaunch bar, and I cant add icons to the desktop. Help...
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    You can't add icons to the desktop, just the launchbar. Open Preware, and look in installed packages for these patches:

    Remove-Reduce Launcher Bar
    Make It So

    Click them and remove them, then do the Luna Restart.

    If you add No Launcher Button, you can have 8 icons on your Launcher Bar, and you open the launcher by doing a swipe up from the bezel. Two finger swipe up, if you're inside of an app.
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    thanks... I had the original pre and got used to all of the patches, but I guess I did something wrong when I tried that the first time. I really appreciate the help. Embarrassing...

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