Why was my thread moved to the “General Palm (HP/Palm) Complaints / Farewell” thread? My thread wasn’t a general complaint, it was a specific one and I gave details of my issue so that I can ask for help.

And my thread isn’t a farewell thread. Just because I am negative about the truth of my recent bad experience, does not mean my thread should be moved or hidden. Now its at a random thread with a bunch of unrelated posts, when I wanted specific help. How does that help me or any other user who is experiencing freezes while typing?

I made my post to describe my issue and find solutions. Finding solutions for either a bug or a hardware problem, helps everyone in the end. But putting my post at a lesser seen location doesn’t help the community at all. Censoring me makes no sense when there is a thread at the top here that says “Any Unhappy TP owners??” and is 3 pages, yet it wasn’t moved.

Thanks to johncc who did reply with his thoughts.