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    TP started messing up out of nowhere - Pandora quitting after three or four songs, or not loading at all unless I turned the tablet off completely first; then refusing to load Skype unless I did the same thing. I decided to do the 'factory reset' thing and did not do the secure delete, just the Full Erase.

    Seemed ok, but started to reload all the game/apps that I was hoping were wiped. So, I started to delete the games as they were loaded, and it froze completely.

    I did the soft reset by holding power + center button. Screen went black, brought up the HP logo, and sat there. Not pulsing. Not doing anything.

    I've tried the soft reset a couple of times, and it just does the same thing.

    I also read about holding Power and pressing the center button 15 times - it turns my TP off, but when I power it back on, it still freezes on the non-pulsing logo. Its been like it now for half an hour.

    Any ideas?
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    Time for a doctor visit?

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