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    It was suggested I sell my TP if I do not like it.
    Well I went to the other side. Purchased an iPad today. So the 32 GB goes .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crossville View Post
    It was suggested I sell my TP if I do not like it.
    Well I went to the other side. Purchased an iPad today. So the 32 GB goes .
    You WebOS traitor !!!!....Just kidding really. Wish you the best with your new iPad, totally love the Retina Display on that machine just pure awesomeness.

    If money wasn't such an issue to me, I would definitely would a bought myself another tablet long time ago......Don't get me wrong here, I totally liked my HP TouchPad (when first bought it during the Firesale), yet these days without no quality apps from big-top developers and dim future of WebOS going into Open Source. Sometimes just feel lot of regrets of buying something like this, specially since many bloggers was warning users of the reasons behind of buying a discontinued product like the TouchPad. But at the same time, I'm eager and excited with the promise of the release of WebOS Open Source project on September.....really hoping for something good for WebOS.

    Being ogling on that Asus Prime Tablet(Android powered) with that amazing keyboard station dock, that it looks a bit slicker with tons of cool factor than the silly attempt from Microsoft at copying Apple with the smart cover. But its priced really high like $400 bucks, and thinking that almost comes close to what I had spent on WebOS tablet with all the accessories included.
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    For the $150 I spent on it? Still quite happy. I'll admit to its shortcomings but I can't pretend that I'm not getting my $150 worth out of it. I certainly can't justify spending $400-$600 on a nominal upgrade. I bought one for my son as well to use with CM9. It's not an iPad but I wasn't going to buy a 13 year old an iPad anyway. I'll buy him a $150 webOS/Android tablet though.

    Even without CM9 I still wouldn't be unhappy with it as a basic tool for couch surfing but I'm appreciative for the extra options it provides.
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    I am happy it is back from Europe unharmed, I quite missed it for the 6 weeks that it was gone.

    And I have an iPad, horses for courses and all that ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crossville View Post
    I was just wondering how many unhappy TP owners are out there.
    Some days I could lay this thing on the RR tracks. If we had some here.

    I do not miss our Palm Pre Plus that we got rid of.
    Do not think I will miss the TP either.
    @ crossville

    sell it & be happy and make a WebOS fan out there happy situation :-)

    I've already got 2 that my kids and I use every single day and I'm very happy with them else I'd buy yours :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Poljot3133 View Post
    Recently got one for my wife. I did the ICS mod for the apps, but on the plus side, she really likes WebOS and prefers to not have to reboot into ICS. Unfortunately, there are several issues that make WebOS less than optimal for her, so I am a bit disappointed. Major issues include:

    -Poor browsers. Sites she visits frequently are useless due to bad rendering. In fact, the buttons in this forum text editor don't work, so I can't make a true bulleted list!
    I suggest your report those sites to the ISIS browser thread so the people working on the new browser can test your sites.

    The openmobile company reported as late as May 30th on their blog that they will bring android apps to the webOS side sometime in Q3.

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    I've found the TP to still be very usable. I'll use it mainly for checking email, online chatting, web forums, and Google Maps to look for locations when I'm out on the road. My only real complaint is the weight of the TP. I have an iPad 2 which feels more comfortable using over a long period of time than the TP. Sure, I wish the TP had some of the latest and greatest apps that you see on iOS and Android... but I can get along just fine with what's already out there.
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