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    I am sending my TouchPad back to HP for the 3rd time because it won't charge through the charging port. It charges great on the Touchstone. Anyone else have this problem?
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    Just confirming that you are using the supplied wall charger and not expecting it to charge with a standard USB port.
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    same problem have to wiggle it around a bit and im using the same one that it came with
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    It appears to be fairly common for many devices using the micro-usb connection, as thanks to their small size, are more prone to breaking, or getting something in there and damaging the port.

    This is why I jumped at getting touchstones for both my (Pre and Pre2) phones and my Touchpads. And to lower my usage of the ports of the touchpads, I've gone and got WIFI Media Synch and Gemini File Manager (for dropbox and file managing).

    As time goes by and warranties are running out, I'm planning to do everything possible to extent the lives of my devices, and avoiding plugging anything in them is a major item.

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