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    I have been dealing with this issue and HP support going on 6 months now.

    When I attempt to turn on Bluetooth on the the HP Touchpad, It says that it is turning on but it never turns on. It just continues the attempt to turn on bluetooth until the battery dies on the Touchpad. I have run webos doctor. wiped it clean. Sent it back to HP to look at it. they returned it in the exact same condition i sent it to them in. They did not fix anything. Does anyone have any clues or ideas to something that might fix this issue?

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    Have you run diagnostics to see if it's a hardware problem? I don't have my touchpad with me so I can't tell you the exact steps. It's in device info somewhere.

    The next thing to try is, after a doctor, setup the TP with a new (blank) profile and see if BT works. If not then you know it's hardware.

    Good luck to you!
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