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    I have a 32 Gb touchpad and at first I was having trouble with the metadoctor (errored out at 12 percent). I removed the cm partitions that I thought were causing the problem. Now the doctor fails at 8% constantly for both official and meta-doctors. I tried the instructions from the webos internals page where you destroy the files system and rebuild it on both an ubuntu and a windows machine and the doctor was attempted running on both machines too. What can I do? The machine was a refurb and as such is now out of warranty.
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    There is endless doctor discussion here:
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    I read that entire thread and I'm actually the last poster. But now I'm stuck at 8 percent. Not 12 anymore.
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    Did you try membooting the device to get past 8% like it suggests here:

    How To Recover
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    Yes I have. But even though it isn't an upgrade problem should I try the UI image from a different doctor version?
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    I would try membooting an image from 3.0.2 if I were having your problem.
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    So I tried that. Still no go. although in the meta-doctor I changed some of the settings and decided on the custom boot logo. and that has persisted through multiple file system rebuilds. Is that something to look for?

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