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    I just tried to upgrade BirthdayList from Preware, and when I launched it my TP failed. It is stuck with BirthdayList partially loaded. I can't swipe it away or turn the TP off. Now what? I'm downloading webOSdoctor for the TP, but not sure if that is what is needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dignitary View Post
    Get App Tuckerbox. Download for free. Done.
    Actually, I figured out how to reset the TP by holding down the power and center buttons. It rebooted, and I have removed BirthdayList for now.
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    Please report your concerns to the official BirthdayList thread

    or contact me (the developer) personally.

    I have just successfully updated v.1.0.2 to v.1.0.3 via preware on my TouchPad (webOS 3.0.5). No issues have been detected.


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