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    For those of you not satisfied with the current solutions for connecting to ad-hoc wireless networks with your TouchPad, I present an alternative via a post on another forum (Wifi Ad-Hoc Tethering Issues in A3.0/A3.5 - Android Forums) plus a little bit of cliff-diving of my own.

    The solution (obviously at your own risk, but I have tested this method w/o issue):

    1. Install CyanogenMod 7 or 9 (CM7 or CM9; I highly recommend the latter unless you love using your cam & mic, which ) to dual boot between WebOS and Android. Let's face it: you are probably going to have to do this someday anyway to continue to get the most use out of the device and CM9 is quite stable and useful at this point (especially with the abundance of apps available on Google Play Store App or whatever they're calling it now). This is an excellent HOWTO: HP Touchpad: Full Update Guide - CyanogenMod Wiki

    2. Download ZT-180 Adhoc Switcher for Android (I used version 1.4c here: ZT-180 Adhoc Switcher | SlideME). If you chose CM7, I believe you can also find this in the Google Play Store App which will make installation simple; skip to number 3 below. If you are running CM9, you will need to run a File Manager app and find the ZT-180 app that you downloaded and click on it. This should prompt you to go to the settings page to enable app installation from untrusted sources. I did this temporarily because I knew what I was doing and haven't had any problems from installing the app so far. Then go back and click on the file again to go ahead and install the app.

    3. Use ZT-180 Adhoc Switcher to connect: to quote "AS23" at first link in this post, "make sure your wifi is on, all networks forgotten, and run the program. Make sure your SSID is 'AndroidTether' on your phone and switch it on, then select to connect via ad hoc tethering in the app and it should work." If you are running CM9, the app will probably say that it did not work and to try the "Just to Try" mode; that is exactly what you will do to get this to work (only on CM9 to my knowledge).

    4. Enjoy the freedom of a wireless connection to an ad-hoc-only router (such as an HTC TouchPro2 - TP2)

    * If you want to connect to a WEP-encrypted ad-hoc network, you can enable this and input a key in the settings for ZT-180 Adhoc Switcher before trying to connect.
    * If you want to connect to a network with a different SSID from 'AndroidTether', you can do that as well: just specifiy the SSID in the Settings menu of ZT-180 Adhoc Switcher before connecting.
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    hey, many thanks for this. good to have possibility to connect on my Nokia N9 adHoc wifi hotspot. thanks.
    I would need some app that is doing the same for webOS
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    Using and iphone 5, I've had no luck with ZT-180 on the CM9 side using one of the December nightlies (app circle just spins)


    no luck with bedrock's solution for webOS. My touchpad says "unable to obtain ip address" which I read somewhere means that bedrock's app is working but somehow cannot connect.

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