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    I have a WebOS account and I can't find which area to update my credit card? I looked in the accounts section and logged in with my password however i didnt see any place to update a credit card. Is this something thats on a website i should be logging into instead of on my Touchpad?
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    menu->preferences in the app catalog app
    Remove Messaging Beeps patch for webOS 3.0.5, Left/Right bezel gestures in LunaCE,
    Whazaa! Messenger and node-wa, SynerGV 1 and 2 - Google Voice integration, XO - Subsonic Commander media streamer, AB:S Launcher
    (1:39:33 PM) halfhalo: Android multitasking is like sticking your fingers into a blender
    People asked me for a donate link for my non-catalog work, so here you are:

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